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I waited for twenty years to hook up with this beauty, and needless to say, the time was well worth it. She was accommodating to my needs, my schedule, and everything I could ask. Amy delivers at a higher level than most and probably knows more about human passion than any clinical psychologist. She is beautiful, intelligent, caring and a blessing to be with. Thanks for making my dream come true Amy._ ER Doc


I now know what heaven is like. I waited a long time to hook up his gal and I’m glad I had the patience to finally do so. She is beauty, brains, and passion all rolled up into one amazing person. My only regret is that I couldn’t have spent more time with her. My time with her brought me a better vision of Mars and a better sexual awakening of myself. I think I finally found my soul mate and then in a flash, had to leave. She is the best in the business and takes second to no one. Thanks, we’ll be seeing each other again soon. _Dugger




Air Force Amy is fantastic! I was very nervouse going into our appointement, but she brought me to ease very quickly. She is not only drop dead gorgeouse (sp) but a quick whit and a truely nice woman. I’m planning my next trip to see her! _ KLW


Air Force Amy is very special. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a wonderful sense of humor and is very giving. The ability to talk about anything with her was refreshing and engaging. In fact, when I first met her, I didn’t know I was attracted to an ‘older’ woman. I knew she was older than I, but I didn’t realize the disparity in age until she proudly told me and I was totally shocked at her beauty and youthful appearance, endurance , grace and levity. Amy offered me space, devotion and herself, which I couldn’t find in anyone else. I take better care of myself now. She is a best friend who reflects back to me what a good person I am, which builds my confidence and self-esteem. I now have a better job and feel better about myself than ever before.”—Neil, 21


Last week, I lined up a party with Air Force Amy. we go back well lets just say back to the beginning of Air Force Amy’s return in 2013, times are better so I wasn’t going to waste a rare and waning opportunity to party with Amy again (is is 7 or 8 times now?). Those of you who have seen and better yet partied with Amy know the countless reasons.

I partied with Amy and her best friend Harley Lane (19 yrs old) after the Halloween party last year – a “Deal I couldn’t say no to”. it was like being on the set of a porn shoot. Due to my advanced state of intoxication and sleep deprivation, I was unfortunately a better observer than “actor”. Still it was the experience of a life-time (until last weekend anyhow). Inasmuch as Amy and Harley could not keep their minds and hands off of each other b4 our party and due to my extreme comfort with the two and since as we all know, I am a frugal and practical sort, I knew I could get one hell of a deal.

I negotiated what was about as close as could be to a BOGO without being one. It was very affordable.

I had a chance to do this in a state of relative sobriety and wakefulness! Well I was pretty much sexually assaulted, even though all my instructions were closely fully followed to my delight (Amy is a pretty good instructor in her own right – very organized and creative, I soon became a multi-purpose sexy toy for the two – once again to my delight and do I dare say theirs too?

Amy and Harley have quite a repertoire of amazing talents and abilities you have to see to believe and better yet participate in! Turns out there is a new one!

Well, to be honest, I am a still shadow of my former self sexually but at least as good as a “Halloween” ago – (however low that bar was set) and did a commendable job for an old coot and really felt like a rock star (although nothing is further from the truth). The girls managed to have a pretty good time of it as well it seems.

IF YOU EVER WANTED TO EXPLORE a 2-girl party, be you greater or lesser than Hercules, heroine or even be you hermaphrodite for that matter, heed my advice and take advangtage of Air Force Amy & Harley’s attraction towards each other, and love of their craft. Despite their naughtiness, they are the sweetest and most approachable and comforting wonderful people you can ever meet. Ohh yeah – hot too. But do ask for the “Tom” Special”. You will be glad.

It was a long time coming….
…but I am so glad I got a chance to party with the famous, or infamous , Air Force Amy herself.

Negotiating with Amy was pretty simple, I’m not the greatest negotiator in the first place. After that we moved on to entertaining each other in her bed. We started off slow, cuddling and talking to each other. I was a little nervous, like I usually am, but Amy helped set me at ease. She even showed me a few massage tricks, and then got me to practice on her . Hard to say who enjoyed it more, but it was a nice segway into the fun that followed . Not going to go into details, you guys just gotta go experience her for yourselves if you want that kind of explanation . I will say that a lot of positions and activities ensued, and while my old nemesis ‘performance anxiety’ kept me from performing as I would’ve liked to, it was still a very enjoyable evening.

Even got to meet the man himself, Dennis Hof in the parlor. We chatted a little while he was talking with a few of the girls there. Even got his signature on the bottle of Hof sauce that Amy remembered, even though I’d forgotten about that ustream show prize.

A word to the wise while I think about it. If you visit the ranch, make sure you give Domino space. I’m normally good with dogs, but it wasn’t the case with him when I met him. Also got a very close look at the mark he gave Amy a few ustream shows ago, so I’ll just say make sure you let Domino be.

Although I had to extend my trip to Reno an extra day from two to three, I finally got to meet the legend herself!

I have been wanting to meet her for a few years now. Called up, found out she was finally available, and got myself down to the Bunny Ranch. She met me at the bar with a big hug and she took me on a tour. Then we wound up in the negotiation room. She is very persuasive! Wound up spending quite a bit more than I had planned, but hey, it was my birthday! We went to the Presidential Suite, had a nice time in the jacuzzi, and things just got crazier from there! She is a wild one! I was so overwhelmed that when our hour was up I wasn’t able to finish. The horror! I started to freak out a bit, but Amy was very reassuring and gave me a deal on another 45 min. Let me just say it was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had! I finally managed to get off right before the call came again. Amy is expensive, but she DEFINITELY gives you your moneys worth. Like she says, “You better eat your Wheaties!” You might want to down a Monster energy drink while you’re at it. Talk about a workout! Yeah, I’ll be paying this off for a while, but what a birthday party! She’ll be retiring soon, so I’m glad I was able to experience her before she hangs it up for good.

Air Force Amy and I had our second 1.5 hour GFE party this year in early May.
I like to do things with my lady (bunny). Others might prefer to do things to their bunny or have their bunny do things to them. Amy has the knowledge, skills and experience to satisfy any desire.

There were a series of minor earthquakes in the Reno area before my arrival and during my stay. During our party, the earth also moved in Carson City multiple times for Amy (she sugested that two were at least 7.0 on the Richter scale). We established a new record as a team. I look forward with great anticipation to our third party and once again exceeding the record.
When finished, we cuddled and sang “You Light Up My Life” to each other. Following successive showers, I watched Amy try on several outfits while dressing. We had a tour of the ranch out buildings and something to eat (no not Amy, food) in the kitchen. We returned to the parlor and then went outside where we talked and held hands before a goodbye hug and kiss.
Dennis once said during the HBO show that “if you are going to party with Air Force Amy that you had better be on top of your game.” Amy will ensure that you are quickly “up” for your game and that no matter the chosen positions, top and / or bottom, you will have a career game. I have now had two career games in a row and I bet you will have one also when you party with Amy.
If you are going to party with the NFL (nice feminine ladies) at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Air Force Amy should be your first selection as a teammate in the first round of your NFL draft.
Air Force Amy and I had our fifth 1.5 hour GFE (Girl Fiend Experience) party in late September. We have truly become special friends and lovers. Amy cares and goes the extra mile to please. Amy always shows her softer side to me, but she will provide you with whatever you want to experience.
Amy is a great teacher. Although we have had five parties, she always has several sugestions for new, fun, pleasurable and sensual activities.
Amy is able and wants to achieve satisfaction multiple times during a party. She therefore works energetically to ensure that happens for both parties as many times as possible. She also provides feedback so as to increase the excitement and effectiveness of her partner. Amy is quite vocal. The smile on her face and the overall look of contentment cannot be mistaken. And then, Amy is ready to go again and again.
Make an appointment and have your own party with Air Force Amy. Amy is a must see / first see at the MLBR. Everything that you experience and learn can then be applied to your subsequent parties and with your significant other at home.
Party with Miss Air Force Amy to have your best sex ever.

Last Saturday night
I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a night with the BEAUTIFUL and SEXY Air Force Amy. She is the most amazing woman that I have ever known, and her attention to detail is second to none.

I let her know beforehand that I was not very sexually experienced and she taught me everything a man needs to know about how to please a woman in the span of a few hours. She is sooo sweet and tender that I just melted with her every soft touch and passionate little kiss. I had the BEST!!! night of my life and I cannot wait for the opportunity to spend another night with her. She is totally worth every penny I spent and then some. Thank you again Air Force Amy and I am sure that we will be meeting again real soon.

All my love,

It was Thursday
and I was walking into a brothel for the first time in my life and told the person at the door that I had an appointment with Air Force Amy and she heard me from where they were having the weekly Tea Party. She got up, walked over to me with a smile and gave me a welcoming hug.

Amy could tell I was nervous as hell, which I was. We walked over and sat at the bar for a few minutes, and we chatted for a few minutes before showing me around. I was trying to look over her amazing body, but kept returning my gaze to her warm smile which was also reflected in her pretty eyes.

After getting to her room and finished negoiations, it seemed already more comfortable just to be around her. We deicded to start off slow with relaxxing mutual messages. I was very relaxxed by the time, I started to explore her wonderful form giving her a full massage all the while we chatted, joked and laughed while getting to know eachother during this time.

We had some great sex, and then took and interlude soaking in a whirlpool bath again laughing and talking. I really enjoyed getting to know her as a nice person who was fun to be around.
When we got back in the bed, I was still thinking how good it was the before we relaxxed in the water. However little did I know, that didn’t even compare to when we started again with a couple positions. At the end I literally had to hold onto her for some stabilty for a few minutes after some completely mind blowing sex that left me in a dazed state of euphoria.

As we left her room, I really should have taken up her offer to sit around for a bit and chat with the girls, but my brain was sort of on autopilot still trying to recover and I don’t even know if I was being coherent while responding. I know it would have been safer, no accident, but I didn’t really come back to reality to pay full attention to my surroundings until I was half way back to Reno barely remembering how I got that far.

The best way for me to describe Air Force Amy and my time with her? Holy freaking wow. Next time I’m around Reno I hope to spend at least several hours with her.

Air Force Amy and I had our fourth
1.5 hour GFE (girl friend experience) party in later July.We had three previous 1.5 hour GFE parties during which Amy had 20 orgasms. She said that she had masturbated before arriving for work and still experienced six orgasms during our first party by three different techniques with some assistance from me. She said that she was horny before our second party and experienced eight. She had six during our third party with one said to be “off the scale.”

Amy continues to teach me how to pleasure a woman. Our most recent party was the best yet. Amy must have had several religious experiences because she kept crying out “Oh my God, Oh my God”. Her orgasms are a sight to behold. Her vocal expressions, body movements (everything quivers), satisfied looks of contentment and smile tell the story. She had so many orgasms by five different techniques (none using artificial means) during our fourth party that who needs to keep count. Amy rewards your efforts with ones of her own. She puts everything that she has into her parties to ensure that you will have the most fun, maximum pleasure, and the sexual experience of a lifetime.

Don’t miss your opportunity to have parties with Air Force Amy – once – again – and again – etc. Book an appointment with Amy and experience up close and personal the star of the HBO TV show Cathouse and do with Amy “what HBO can’t show you”. Air Force Amy was given the title “Bunny of the Year 2007”. Her service to her country and mankind has been recognized and is greatly appreciated. If you like to see your lady satisfied during a party, Amy should be your lady. Amy achieved satisfaction multiple times during a 1.5 hour gfe party in March. A sight to behold.

We really rocked the place. Amy will fulfill your wildest desires. If you want to fly first class, chose Air Force Amy.

Hello everybody.
I want to share with you another outdate I recently had with the one and only Air Force Amy. It was a wonderful fun filled experience with her. She was fantastic in every way and in everything we did.

The date had a perfect beginning as we had sex almost immmediately. She was great, really, really great. Later we went out for a splendid romantic dinner. There is nothing more enchanting than a nice quiet restaurant with a beautiful woman and good food and good conversation. Amy is lovely, elegant, classy, and fun. She has the whole package all wrapped up in her sensous, sexy body with her pretty face and big, beautiful smile as the ribbon and the bow. All there just waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed.

We also had some regular date activities too and I can tell you that whether it is a romantic dinner, a concert, a show, a nightclub, or some gambling Air Force Amy is the perfect companion. Her mental and physical beauty and versatility is exciting, energizing, intoxicating, and exhilarating. She is dazzling, fun, stimulating, and captivating in everything she does. Her conversation and humor is insightful, delightful, and charming.

Air Force Amy is truly a good hearted person, adorable in every way and full of fun and laughter. I like to have morning sex and Amy accomodated my wishes with energy, enthusiasm, and of course her incomparable sexual skills. But believe me when I say that she is just as terrific later in the day as well. One afternoon while we were laying by the pool we slipped into the cabana and enjoyed some unrestrained, wanton sex. The first time I ever did that! Amy was ingenious and incredible. It was one of those “WOW” experiences.

I just put myself in her loving care and let her take me to heaven. She is an angel, she can take you there. She is the queen of sex and when I was with her she made me feel like I was a king. She’s got everything and she knows how and when to turn it on, and how and when to turn it up a notch or two. When she turns it up get ready for the thrill of your life. She showed me her compasisonate side too. When I needed an interlude she shared her talent for soft, gentle, sublime sex with me as well. It was so sweet. She is simply the best.

Some of my friends back home have seen the show “Cathouse” on HBO. When I told them about my date with Air Force Amy they were all wishing they were me. Ha, ha, ha. What a lucky man. When I was with Amy I was the luckiest man on this planet.

Someone like Air Force Amy doesn’t come around this world very often. She truly is one of a kind and you still have the opportunity to share in an experience with a genuine connoisseur of sex. If you have thought about what is would be like to fulfill a fantasy or make your friends jealous and wish they were you now is the time to get in touch with the living legend that is Air Force Amy.

She was very accomodating to my schedule and I’m sure she will extend the same courtesy to you. Make your arrangements now and let her do her magic with you while you can. She might not be around forever. Air Force Amy is the experience of a lifetime and one that you will never forget.
At the very least check out her website to see what you are missing. And have some fun…

I want to thank Air Force Amy
for another GFE with her. It just gets better every time. She is truly a very lovely woman. She is warm, affectionate, sensuous, intelligent, pleasingly proportioinate i.e., sexy curves, great legs, big breasts, pretty face, beautiful smile and has a delightful sense of humor.

We met at the hotel bar and had some interesting, witty, and humorous conversation along with a couple of drinks. As the conversation became more fluid she leaned into me and I tenderly caressed her breast. That started our move to the room. As soon as we got there we began the pre-sex activities. As she disrobed I was enraptured by her beautiful, sexy body. She moved gracefully while I clumsily tossed my clothing aside. I kissed and sucked her breasts as we fondled each other on the couch. We moved to the floor with some couch cushions and pillows. She got down onto all fours and I licked her warm sweet pussy. The view was great of her pert round butt cheeks. I was looking and licking. She pushed her ass up and I sampled some of that sweetness too. Almost immediately we were in the bedroom where she asked me what I wanted to do next. I was almost unable to speak in the heat of the moment so we began in missionary and progressed to several other positions. Amy was so good, so smooth I just followed her lead. It was great sex in every position. She was amazing. The sex was fantastic. We cuddled for a while and then got up and got ready to go out to diner.

I had chosen a fine dining establishment which had good ambience and cuisine. Our diner was almost a continuation of the lovemaking. She fed me some of her food and laughed when I tried to lick her fingers as she pulled her hand away. Both of us were laughing. She made dining a sensuous experience. Somehow we managed to finish our dinner. It was the best dining experience I have ever had. The food was great. The company was perfect. We returned to the hotel for some late night lovemaking. I slept like a contented little baby.

The next morning we had some slow, gentle morning sex. A perfect way to start the day. Amy treated me so good, so sweet. We got dressed and went out for breakfast. We spent most of the afternoon site-seeing and shopping. Amy was a lot of fun to be with. Later we returned to the hotel, made love once more, watched a movie and fell asleep.

We woke up late the next morning, had some sweet sex and the next thing I knew it was time to go. The travel arrangements were calling. She kissed me on the cheek as we said goodby. It was pure joy to spend that time with her. I was wonderstruck for days afterwards.

I recommend you spend some time with Air Force Amy. You can see her pictures on the website but she is even more beautiful in person. She is a sweet heavenly angel with the softest skin imaginable. She has a warm loving personality with a delightful sense of humor and then there is her incredible sexual talent where sometimes a little devil sneaks out to play. Spending time with Air Force Amy is a truly unforgettable experience. You really should let her treat you to her wonderful charm and beautiful, sexy, talented body. She is the best. Make your appointment as soon as you can.

I’m probably the luckiest
man alive! I just spent three days at the Bunnyranch as Ms Air Force Amy’s VIP guest!

Right off the bat I felt extra special as Air Force Amy personally picked me up from the airport in her Mercedes Benz. She actually met me inside the airport and as I was coming down the escalator, there she was in slow motion. She looked so frigin hot with all that blonde hair and Hollywood smile beaming at me, my heart jumped and my jaw fell to the floor.

She rushed up to me and gave me the bigest hug and kiss as though we had known each other our entire lives. From then on she treated me like total royalty. Her car is totally hot and she made me feel real comfortable on the ride to the Bunnyranch.

The Bunnyranch was very busy as it was Madam Suzette’s Birthday party. But, every second of every day AFA paid 100% attention to me. Madam Suzette greeted me and was really glad to see me. Amy showed me all around the ranch. The Bunnyranch is actually a huge place with tons of buildings, hallways , rooms and all kinds of surprises and everything anyone could ever need. It is fully self sustainable and Amy let me take advantage of everything from VIP suites, free gourmet food, free drinks, free parlor time, free transportation, free sauna, hot tubs, steam room. I never felt like just another guy.

I met everyone at the ranch that weekend including Dennis Hof, Ron Jeremy, Caressa Kisses, Pantera, Sybil Stallone, Stacy Tyler, Chloe Collins, Bella Dawn, Ce Ce Cruz and so many other fin e ladies I feel bad I don’t remember all the names. I also met board members, Raz, isurfer, Rapid, Docrocker and they are all really cool guys too.

I’m super stoked Amy urged me to come this weekend for this party. I had the best time ever and now I instantly have a huge “family” at the Bunnyranch. I just love the Bunnyranch family and Air Force Amy is definitely A #1 head of the family.

I could go into detail about all our sexual encounters throughout the whole weekend but that would just take forever and I think everyone already knows that Air Force Amy owns all the gold in this category. Let’s just say there was never a dull moment and I felt real passion, caring and a genuine person behind the name “Air Force Amy”.

Amy had activities, events and shows all lined up for us and even though the weekend was jam packed with things to do, we had lots of down time to relax and unwind too.

Maybe the best part was when I called Air Force Amy to say my flight was cancelled and she hollered “Woo hoo! Snow day! I’ll be right there!” and she turned her car around and picked me back up from the airport and I got to spend another 24 hours with Air Force Amy free of charge!

Life just doesn’t get any better than this and now I’m hoping I never get deployed, but when I do, I know damn sure what I’m coming home too.

Thank you Air Force Amy and the whole Bunnyranch family. Dennis Hof is a genius, Madam Suzette is Queen and Air Force Amy reigns supreme!


Great Partys With AFA
I definitly reccomend partying with AFA.i was a virgin the 1st of 4 partys i did with her and i must say shes very good at relaxing you if your nervous and shes a great teacher.i loved her energy,personality,being around her.shes very good @ EVERYTHING.
from: m.ybarra55

Having read the previous reviews I am nearly at a loss to add more superlatives. She is truly a pro and the greatest woman I have met in six decades, two of which were spent on active duty with the U.S. Navy around the world. I had not previously realized AF Amy was attainable. A chance encounter with a nice local woman in town led to info that — was the place to go. Boy did that woman do me a favor by pointing out the warm welcome, cleanliness of operation and beautiful intelligent women awaiting me.

In my view Air Force Amy deserves all the accolades she receives. She has worked very hard to be the best and is fantastic. I know of no kinder, warmer, patient, intuitive partner than she. She is truly beautiful inside and out.

As a previous review reported she is nearly a patron saint for sex.

She is superb at making you happy, feeling balanced and rejuvenated. She is everything I have been looking for!! She is fantastic in appearance and very friendly, a great conversationalist and she answers all questions with candor and tact! Very open minded with much TLC! You will not be disappointed when you are partying with Air Force Amy. For during that shining time you will be the center of the universe to her. She is a gifted pro and I salute her. After experiencing it for yourself I am confident you will agree she is worth whatever it costs you monetarily. I only wish I could have had her coach my ex-wife or ex-girlfriend before they became x’s as that may well have changed things.

Thanks AMY, with respect, gratitude and admiration, I will remember you always, Lucky Lenny

Worth Repeating!! from: C & C
I am back here and writing this great experience with amazing Air Force Amy. My wife and I are still impressed by her motivation, patience, what she taught us, making us feel naughty and feeling OK about it and OK about enjoying anything and everything we think of and wish for and how to communicate these things to each other without feeling weird or uncomfortable about it. Making us feel connected in sexual pleasure that has taken our sex life to an entirely new level that just keeps getting better. I still want to thank you Amy…This may sound really weird, but you are like the Saint of sex! THANK YOU THANK YOU….

For the couples out there, this is a one time chance with Air Force Amy, many things will come out positive after you both have learn and enjoy with her. She is the ultimate one that will make you feel like she is yours forever. Do not miss this chance like I already had the chance. It is lifetime experience for us, my wife and I never been thinking about “missing chances” as we already felt deserved!! She have the creativity as she made us to learn something anew!! We will LOVE to see you again and maybe learn some more!! You are the PRO!! Anyone who needs a PRO, she’s the kind of person you would seek for!!

Air Force Amy
This is a review of a magnificently elite courtesan. I didn’t know the true meaning of this word until my time with “Air Force Amy”! This beautiful petite buxom sexy blonde went above and beyond pleasing me on my first but not last visit to The Bunny Ranch. She is truly professional but personable, but awesome at the task of pleasing her partner.

Air Force Amy was soooo sweet to pick me up at the Hotel in her beautiful Mercedes! We talked and laughed the whole way there.

We arrived at the ranch and joked a little bit about the cool analogies to Brothel living outside. The Bunny Ranch is very cool looking on the outside! Speed limit 69! What a Hoot! lol At any rate after laughing it up we walked through the gate and into the front door.

We proceeded to the Bunny Bar and I enjoyed a drink with Amy while we got acquainted. I never felt rushed or unattended to by this lovely lady. She offered to either go to her room or go on a tour of the ranch. I chose the room… duh! Lol I can’t say enough about how incredibly sexy and gifted this young lady is! Her suite was magnificent with mood music, mood lighting, and the Bunny of a lifetime! I had the most amazing Girlfriend Experience a guy could ever ask for! Ms. Amy made me feel like I was truly with my girlfriend. My complete pleasure was her main focus, and I can see why she is a top draw at the ranch!!!! Her breasts are amazing……. : P but sorry, our time together I would like to keep locked in my own mind.

We eventually got to talking about the ranch and how huge it was then she showed me around. They really treat the ladies well here. As they should. Then it was on to the Bar for one for the road as Amy set up my ride to the hotel. She sat with me momentarily on the sofa in the lounge area where we huged some more and I kissed her on the side of her head while she lovingly autographed her beautiful photos! We took an awesome selfie after I asked if it was okay. She said yes. The picture came out great!

I had tons of time with this incredible woman and left the Bunny Ranch with a couple pair of her sexy panties, the sexy photos of her, and memories I’ll never forget. I also had a big smile on my face and already future plans to visit Ms. Air Force Amy again REAL soon!!!!

John~ DEBAUCHERY65 San Antonio, Texas

I’m not normally one to share personal experiences with strangers, but I’ve recently had an adventure that I just can’t keep to myself.
I’d reached a point in my life where I felt I was ready to seek out the services of a professional love-maker. It seemed logical to start with the best. A long-time fan of the HBO series Cathouse, it was pretty clear to me that meant contacting Airforce Amy. Well, let me tell you, last week I spent two hours with this lovely lady, and it’s impossible for me to imagine there’s anyone better.

In describing why, let me start with the obvious. Amy is beautiful and sexy, even with her clothes on. And when she undresses, what she reveals is an incredible body, with smooth supple skin and a nice all-over tan. She is sensuous and stunning!

Amy presents an amazing combination of characteristics. For example, she is thoughtful, gentle, understanding, and very comfortable to be with. In addition, she is patient and not demanding (although I’m sure she could be if that’s what her partner wanted). On the other side of the coin, she is active, inventive, sexually-responsive, and an absolute bundle of energy! She moves fluidly from one situation to another, never losing focus on her partner’s pleasure.

To summarize, if sex were an Olympic sport, Airforce Amy would bring home the gold!!

Name: Rob
They should call her Amazing Amy. Air Force Amy is by far one of the best experiences I have had ever at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In fact the other ladies that I have seen at the Bunyy Ranch do not even compare to how well she treats you and how good she makes you feel.

Let me start by letting everyone know how beautiful she is in person. If you think she looks great in her pictures, they don’t compare to how gorgeous he is in person. She arrived to meet me in a very sexy corset with black lingerie and lnog sexy blonde hair and great looking tan skin. She is very easy to talk too and makes you feel like you are one of her boyfirends. She gently took me by the hand and showed me the around the Bunny Ranch and then took me to her room, where we started the negotiarion process. Let me tell you compared to some of the other girls there she was the easiest to negotiate with and is very accomodating and very nice about everything. She is old school and genuinely cares about her clinets and treats them very well.

Once we finished the negotiation it was like we had eneterd our own little private world and this sex hugnry goddess emerged and made me feel like the only man on earth. she was passinaote and loved to be kissed, tongued, felt and well you can guess the rest….She was hands down the best I have ever had and always hungry for more. The best part about Amy is that she is not a clock watcher and lets you take your time with her, as she wants you to cum, jsut as much as you would want her to cum. She is activell involved in making you feel the best you possibly can and makes you feel like you are the only one on earth when she is there with you.

Amy is not in a hurry to get rid of you either, as we finished our love making we then adjourned to the parlor where we enjoyed some livley converstaion, until my eyes started to check out her body and beautiful skin and breasts .I could not help myself any more especially as I watched her play with her nipples. I then leaned over to her and said I need to have you again. We then went back to her bedroom where we had even greater and more passionate sex than the first time. She will make you want to keep doing it until it hurts and my pop the second time around was amazing, esprecailly looking at Amy’s gorgeous tits shake up and down and touching her smooth silky skin msade it all the more enjoyable to be inside of her when it happened.

If anyone of you are wondering who to see when you go to the Bunny Ranch make sure it is AIR FORCE AMY. She is the best woman there and is not out to exploit you, but only there to make you feel good. I for one will keep cuming back for more as long asshe stays there.

Add me to the list of Air Force Amy’s devoted fans.
It’s been a month since my wonderful visit (the first of many, I hope) with Amy at the Bunny Ranch, and I am still basking the glow of the sensual TLC and uninhibited pleasure she shared with me.

I had been daydreaming of Amy since I read about her in the New Yorker magazine several years ago, and, more recently, since I saw her on “Cathouse” on HBO. From what I could tell in print and on TV, she was darn near my ideal image of the ultimate, sublime beauty and a powerful sex symbol like no other, all rolled into one. In person, she did not disappoint.

I will forever remember our two hours for the amazing sex and for her charming, outgoing and playful personality. Over the years, some of the women I have been with satisfied me here and there in various ways I liked, but never did one woman satisfy me in ALL the ways I like at once, the way Amy did.

Before Amy, I had spent time with prostitutes now and then, but never anyone remotely matching her! Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable during the negotiation, she was patient, open-minded and truly accommodating when I expressed my needs and desires. When the time came for the act, she pretty much made all my sexual and romantic dreams come true.
I was blown away when I left and still am! I’m saving $$ for and looking forward to my next visit. Thank you, Amy!

I decided to spend my 40th Birthday at MBR
and set up my appointment with Air Force Amy a while back after having had so much fun with her the last time I was there.

I arrived a little early and they were just finishing up the BBQ, that you probably read about in Pogus’ post. Really cool guy to meet in person after chatting with him several times over past several months in the chat room, and the food was great.

Then we went back to Amy’s room, where the only question was who was going to be the second girl to join us, and Amy suggested Bunny Love, and that sounded like fun to me too In total I spent 5 hours with Amy, and Bunners hopped in for the last half of my time there.

I thought my time with Air Force Amy was mind blowing before, but that last visit was just a teasing taste compared with the pleasure of spending time with her on Monday. I guess her liscence plate says it best TH4CE, “The Force” for those of you like me who didn’t recognize it right away. She’s definitely an unstoppable force of fun and pleasure, and I doubt we would have noticed if a disaster struck outside the room.

Once Bunny Love arrived, things just got even better, and it was definitely Heaven on Earth with both Amy and Bunners. These beautiful ladies are beyond amazing and have a rare chemsitry together that was my privelege to enjoy with them. At first I just felt a tiny bit guilty that I didn’t have 4 arms to pay full attention to both at the same time, but there was too much fun and enjoyment to be had.

Just as much fun as the physcial pleasure with these ladies, was also the time that we took breaks to rest and just chat. You’ll find both of them are very nice with a good sense of humor, and each of them definitely had me laughing just about life in general and things going on. Amy has those warm brown eyes you just get lost in and Bunner’s blue eyes are easy to feel like you’re floating among the blue sky. I’m not sure which is more like a cat, which I get the impression when either one gets that mischievious glint in their eyes and know something is about to happen.
I don’t drink alcohol and they did tease me at the end of the evening about whether I should stay the night or if able to drive after drinking so much water, ( I lost count on how many bottles of water I drank just trying to stay hydrated from our activities ) I slept extremely soundly and happily that night.

I will never forget this visit, and I still sometimes get that idiot school boy smile just thinking about it even now. My only regret is I couldn’t bring them home with me.

My username has been changed to protect the innocent (ha!)
but I just arrived back at my hotel not 10 minutes ago from spending time earlier this evening with Amy. She is great! If you want a woman with incredible energy, a funloving spirit, and who is very accepting, Amy is the one!

I brought what I thought was a lot of money for me, and although it wasn’t a lot in Ranch terms, Amy was more than willing to fashion a party that fit my budget.
Anyway, go ready to be dazzled by Amy’s famous upside down . . ., well, you’ll have to ask her yourself, but rest assured, she will make sure you are satisfied, and she is extremely open minded.
Thanks, Amy, for making me feel comfortable, and for an “uplifting” experience. Can you wait another 7 days? Ha Ha. Inside joke.
I am already saving more money for next year’s trip.

Air Force Amy was an amazing experiences.
I met Amy Thursday afternoon. My first thoughts of her was WOW. She was very beautiful, fun, sweet figurative and literally. She knew how to make a man feel great. She had a perfect body. Great tits nice ass. She make my vacation ten times better. My only regret is that I did not visit the Bunny Ranch sooner

This was soo Whoa i hAd to do it in two parts:
..So peep game.. this is my first time goin to the ranch. And after lots of lookin around Amy seemed to be the perfect choice.. and let me tell you Boi.. i am SO GLAD That i got to hang with AMY. I flew in from Cali into Reno and it was a quick smooth flight Amy hooked up a COMP. pick up from the airport i was at the rancg quick. I walked up some dude buzzd me in and as soon as i step inside.. i was like WHOA.. Amy was standin there lookin oh So Good. She greeted me real nice took me by the hand an showed me around.

To be honest i didnt even see much i couldnt take my Eyes off that ass. haha.. it was like a Bobby Valentino song ” Dont turn around!” So we got to her bedroom and it was soo warm n filled with awsome vibes. The party pricin was quick n fair. it went alot better than i thought it would.

She was so friendly (im 25) so it was like i was hangen with one of my girl friends you know. She wnt to go the party paid for an i was hangn in her room. She comes back with some Souther Comfer cus thats my drink me this awsome hug that jus takes me away u knw. So we strip down wash up and as were washin up she glances over at me an my dick and was like “OH MAN .. I DIDNT WANNA HAVE YOU FUCK ME IN THE ASS TODAY BUT UR COCK IS AMAZING” at that very momment im jus thinkin ” GOOD GOD with a side of HAVE MERCY !!”
So she walks me over to her bed an says stay right there.. (see i wanted to go in to the ranch an get workd i date girls that are pretty young so i wanted some rough freak nasty sex) i stand there at the cornor of the bed and she lays down on her back and.. gives me the most amazing head ever! we then jump around and fuck in your basic positions and then it got twisted whn she pulled me out and threw both her legs up on my shoulders and had me grindin with her doin anal n it was amazing !! blew my mind !!! …we fucked standing up..layin down shit almost upside down.. she got on top an handeld the hell out of me. i have never been so beat up n loved it !!… she was scream n i was lovin every min of

Part II… afterwards she gave me the best hand job ive ever had…i couldnt hold back anymore an i blew my first load…we washed up an we turnd the hot tub on an while it warmd up AMY gave me an awsome massage i was so relaxd..then we jus layd there in each others arms and talkd..and im tellin you..i felt like i was layin there with one of my home girls.. AMY is down to earth an cool as shit.. so hoped up out of bed n jump in the tub n talkd for awhile an flirted.. through out my time with her told me that i was the finest muther F*cker shez ever had..even if it was flirtin i dont care haha cuz that shit was real haha she told me alot about herself and we got up out an did the dirty one more time and she orgasmd whn we dogyd..and we were doin it all up all over again an this time it was crazy fast n raw..and haha it was kind of funny cuz we both jus colapsed an layed in each others arms cuz of the intensity !!!! the party came to an end an she didnt even rush we took it slow gave me an awsome kiss great big hug walked me out..gave me a great big HUG again (im telin u AMY is like that girl you loved in school) she treats u down to earth. She told me to hit her up anytime i want..and that whn she came out to Los Angeles..that she was gonna hit me up !! i was like DAMN MA ! haha an gave her another hug an left.

..i will forever remember this momment not of the ranch but for the experiance alone… Amy worked my ass so hard.. i knocked out on the plane back to Cali !! haha
Thanx for an amazing Time Amy..yOU Are Forver My Home Girl . Ps (while u kept tellin me how amazing my cock was an how fine i am.. i jus wanted to let you know that your shit is the BOMB.. !.. body was bangen.. hair was whoa.. great eyes.. basiscaly GIRL YOU WERE OFF THE CHIN-CHAIN !!!!!!!! )

It’s been a month since my wonderful visit

Never has there been a woman so incredibly sexually gifted. Your pleasure is her pleasure. She’ll do everything you want, as often as you want, until you can’t do it anymore! The greatest, tightest mouth. The hottest pussy ever, the best cock rider in the world. To quote Dennis in the Cathouse Series, “If you’re gonna party with Amy, you better have your A game on!” Amy baby, I cant wait to munch you to extacy again. I will eat you til you pass out, wake you and do it again!! Much love and lust always!

Trip North
So I was up north on some business. I sent Denni Hof an email to say I would be around. He said stop by so I did. I rand the buzzer and was let in and the was the usual line up. I opted for the bar. A hot lady was there, it was Air Force Amy. I told her why I was there. She offered a tour anyway so we went. We then stopped at her room.

We negotiated a party for later. We then returned to the bar and she introduced me to Dennis. Now I’m no high roller or anyone special but he still took time from a project to buy me a drink and a tee shirt and chat a bit. He didn’t have to do that but he did. He went out of his way to be friendly to a regualr guy. That’s cool. He did the same when I went back later after my party with Amy. I’m just a regualr joe and yet Dennis made the effort. That’s good stuff in my book.

So later on that evening I went back to BR for my party with Amy. I didn’t think I could afford an Amy party but she worked with me and it wasn’t a 15 minute quicky either. What it was was hot hot hot. Amy can make even us little geeky guys feel like Peter North (even if we are a few inches shorter). And even though her photos are hot she’s hotter in person. Calls for a repeat next time I can find an excuse to go north.

So anyway, to Amy and Dennis thanks for a great time.

AFA – the real deal!
A few weeks ago I set up an appointment with Air Force Amy aka AFA. I thought this is a lady that I would like to experience before she decides to retire (not that she mentioned anything to me – since my luck had run out with another lady and I thought that now was as good a time). What a sensuous time I had.

I arrived at the MLBR and learned my lesson from last time. It is quite dark inside compared to the outside and this time I did not run anyone over. I sat at the bar and had an opportunity to speak with a few of the ladies since I was a little early. Suzette came by and introduced herself as did the Big D. himself. I mentioned to Suzette the last time through the MLBR what my favorite scotch was – yep it was there waiting for me. I have written lately on the boards about customer service and this is what I am talking about. They remembered my likes and dislikes. Great time MLBR! But I digress.

After sitting at the bar for a while, I finally asked if Amy was ready and Suzette went to retrieve her. AFA walked around the corner with hair seemingly spun of gold and a tight bodice the showed every one of her curves. Amy appears to have lost a few pounds from her pictures on her web site with Bamma. We adjourned to her room at the end of the hall. A well decorated room that is quite comfortable. Gentlemen, if you are not into S&M (which I am not but to each his own) do not look behind Amy’s door. It was very intimidating. Negotiations with Amy were the easiest I have ever had.

After Amy left to book the party I started to look around her room and other than the back of her door, it was just as I had pictured it. Amy returned and she put on some music and did a wonder striptease – she did not think so, but I sure did. She then undressed me and we enjoyed each other for a long time. The past reviews of Amy are correct. She is an exciting lady with an appetite. Her experience while intimidating to a relative new comer is not daunting. She easily moves from one pleasure to the next. And, hold on for when it is her turn, YOU WILL KNOW IT.
We cleaned up and I watched her dress. Every aspect of this lady is fluid and graceful. I received a sensuous kiss on the ear as we departed. Just then three ladies poked their head out of the door from across the hall way. One mentioned to Amy, “Good Time? I have not heard you that loud in a while.” I now know what the past reviewers of AFA meant. Amy entered the room across the hall to see what was going on. Three ladies were trying on …uh clothes… I do not think I would call them clothes. I had a nice 10 minute fashion show. Amy walked me back to the bar just as the buzzer rang. I mentioned that she could go if she wanted. Amy kindly sat with me at the bar for a while as I cooled down. Start to finish – A+ Time spent with Amy is Time Remembered.

First of all let me just say, WOW
what a lineup at the Bunny Ranch. I walked in today at about 3pm and was greeted by no less than 20 beautiful women. As my eyes adjusted, I was in shock. I went in hoping to see Air Force Amy, and luckily, she was in the lineup. Amy is extremely attractive, with beautiful breasts, nice lips, and soft skin.

She looked incredible. She was a little shorter than I had envisioned her from the HBO show, and also from looking at photos of her on the web. That’s not a complaint just an observation. She is built for sin, in the best sense of the word.

One side note, as soon as I am able, I will be returning to the Bunny Ranch, and talking to Tabitha, she looked amazing as well, she almost swayed me from Amy, but not this time.
Once in Amy’s room, the dreaded negotiations were over before I could swallow. Save your penny’s boys, but she is extremely accommodating regarding price. I just had enough for a short session (YMMV) with Amy, and she is worth every cent, and more.

She popped in a porno of Sunset Thomas, and went to pay the cashier while I undressed. Once she returned, she was all over me. Without going into too much detail, she is methodical when it comes to sex. I can only describe it as animalistic, and raw. I literally had to peal myself off the sheet of the bed once we were finished. I could feel the springs of the mattress diging into my skin she rode me so hard. Wow. After we both popped, she got up and did an air guitar impression, at the foot of the bed, and said “That was great, now I am ready for tonight” I felt like a steamroller had flattened me. I had a wonderful time. I can only imagine what a long session would do to someone in poor health.

I gingerly put my clothes back on and walked out to my car to try and recuperate. Needless to say thanks again to those who have done such a good job of reviewing these ladies. I am very grateful. I hope you all have the opportunity to meet Amy at some point. She is truly amazing. After I see Tabitha, I know I will be going for round two with Amy.

Air Force Amy is a top performer.
She got up and did an airguitar impression, at the foot of the bed, and said “That was great, now I am ready for tonight” I’m looking forward to my 2 yr. anniversary visit coming up shortly. I felt like a steamroller had flattened me. I had a wonderful time. I canonly imagine what a long session would do to someone in poor health.

When I met Amy I had undiagnosed hypothyroidism. As a result of “a long session” with the insatiable Ms. AFA I was off to the docs to get my TSH back down to normal. Running on practically no testosterone AFA (and Heidi) kept me hard (85%) for 2.5 hours the night I met AFA but when I arranged for an even longer chunk of time several months later I found I had insufficient body chemistry to chew all that I had bit off.

Since getting this problem addressed, my last 2.5 hours with AFA (and Karla) wasn’t enough time as far as I’m concerned, and we weren’t playing chess.  She is truly amazing.

Oh my God,  And I mean that.
When I called to make an appointment with this lady she promissed me that i would have the time of my life. Finally the day arrived and I arrived to the ranch.

Amy was not arround, The bar tender was nice enough to serve me beer on the house till Amy showed up. All the women walking around me was getting me real excited. However less than 1/2 an hour, this gorgeous knockout, hot, adorable, beautiful, smashing, outrageous blonde walks through the door like she owns the place. The bar tender informs me that the women who had just walked in was Amy. I will not kid you guys, my jaw hit the ground, my heartbeat was fater than a race car and my blood preasure shot staright up. I told myself at that point I was the luckiest guy alive. All this for a piece of ass. But guys this wasn’t any kind of ass, this was the fillet mignon tenderest thing around. She came over gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked me to follow her to her room. I walked in her room and she had a killer picture of her on the fire place. I wanted that picture. So like any man would do asked if i could have it. SHe took out a pen and autographed it for me. After all the gifts were exchanged, she undressed herself got me another beer and basically offered herself to me. I did not know if I wanted to kiss her luscious breasts or eat her sweet pussy. so like a little kid in a candy store I enjoyed myself everyway I could. First by kissing her lusious lips then her breasts and then ate at the Y. I was still enjoying my meal when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I was pissed off thinking My time was up, but to my surprise, A beautiful girl by the name of Heidi with dig knockers walked in. She told me she wanted to play with us. Oh boy first double experience. I was happy but also sad at the same time. I wanted tio enjoy my goddess without any interruption. But it ended up being fun. I enjoyed myself,with both ladies. I then asked if i could take pictures and they both were very open minded. I ended up taking over 50 pictures which keeps me going on a regular basis. After the session was over I watched her take a shower and then I took a shower and then both ladies took me on a tour of the facility, where I ended up getting more than I bargained for. Both ladies were great but Amy is my Angel, and I truly, truly, truly enjoyed myself. I would defenately do it again and again and again. Thnak you ladies specially Amy

The moonlight bunny ranch is an excellent place
to full fill your fantasy or just get laid. In a recent trip I partied with Air force Amy, I had no idea who she was until a few days later searching the web I discovered all of her reviews and found them to be very accurate. Air force is a stiking blonde with a fit body, she posses a world class mouth for giving head which she takes her time and really gives you a pleasurable expierence verses some of the suck it till its hard and jump on it girls.

She has a soft feel to her body with a tight bald pussy which she will invite you to feel to show you how wet it has gotten. The sex was incredible, she is not faking her pleasure, I told her my ego does not need the harry met sally show, she assured me that it was real. Before negotiations and after Amy makes you feel very comfortable like your about to fuck your friend.

Amy first caught my attention on the HBO special. While all of the ladies at the Ranch were hot Amy had a special charm that really seperated her from the crowd. I decide then and there that I had to make a special trip out west to party with Amy. After arrving at the Ranch Amy gave me a very intersting tour of the place. The Ranch has really become a all-purpose sexual resort. My favorite stop on the tour was the last stop, Amy’s room. Amy and I quickly negoiated a party and got down to the business at hand.

Our party started with Amy stripping for me which quickly brought my cock to full atention. Amy has a body type that fufills all of my fantasies. I like large breasts but not too large. Amy has lovely breasts with nipples that stayed erect thorughout the entire party. Amy has a world-class pussy with the most amazing pussy lips and clit that are some of the largest I have ever seen on a women of Amy’s petite size. Amy’s ass is rock hard and very sexy. Of all the great and sexy features about Amy by far the best is her eyes. She has these smoky eyes that seem to always have a devilish gleem in them. Amy’s eyes just make you want to melt.

I had told Amy that my favorite thing was to watch women masterbate so Amy made that the centerpiece of our party. Amy began by agressively stroking her clit with one hand while stroking my cock with her other free hand. As much as I enjoyed the attention on my cock I told Amy her needs came first and so Amy quickly went to retrieve a 12″+ dildo that was quite wide. I am only have an average sized cock of about 6″ with normal width so the dildo was much more suited to service Amy’s immediate needs. Amy now focused on rubbing her clit while I focused on working the dildo into her world-class pussy fast, hard and deep. I had to switch hands back and forth several times as I was servicing Amy because my hand was starting to cramp. After quite some time of much need attention to Amy’s pussy and clit I started to hear a low rumbling noise from Amy of repeated “oh’s” that gradually built up from a low rumble to near a scream level of intensity as Amy approached orgasim. At what seemed to be the peak of her orgasim Amy abruptly stopped and gigled. I had never seen a women react that way. It was quite charming.
Amy decided that it was now time to shift the focus of attention to my cock and gave me a entusastic blowjob. Amy continued paying with her clit as she worked me towards ejaculation and made sure that she was postioned just right in the mirror so that I got a great view.

Just as Amy was stripping the fully-loaded condom from my cock Deanna came into the room and announced that she needed an orgasim too. We quickly negoiated an extension to my party with Amy and started the Amy/Deanna show. As the lovely ladies were lubing up and arranging the various dildos and vibrators Amy commented that Deanna’s pussy looked awfully pink and she must have already masturbated that morning. Deanna smile and admitted to “priming the pump” already that morning. Deanna commented that a girl always needs one right after waking up in the morning.

Well the Amy/Deanna show was awesome! The ladies used a massive double dildo with great expertiese and enthusaim. At first I helped position the double dildo and service them but it became readily apparent that I was only getting in the way of some serious dildo action so I sat back and mostly just watched. At one point I did try to pay some attention to each of the ladies breasts but I am not even sure they noticed me. Just prior to commencing the Amy/Deanna show as Deanna was retrieving her vibrator from her room Amy decided she need a little anal and serviced herself briefly with a lovely average sized vibrator while she was waiting for Deanna to return for the main show. The ladies ultimtely used the double dildo and thier vibrators in a missionary type pussy-to-pussy action, ass check-to-ass check action and finally reverse cowgirl action with Deanna on top. Amy really seemed to like the reverese cowgirl action because shortly after it began we started to hear that low rumble of “oh’s” from Amy that once again elevated this time to a definite scream level as Amy came once more. Again Amy abruptly stopped and gigled for a few seconds.

Watching the Amy/Deanna show got my cock enlarged again and we finished the party with Amy and I screwing with her on top in a forward cowgirl postion so that I could play with those lovely breasts. Deanna gently played with her clit and watched us screw. I had already masterbated twice in the twelve hours before going to the Ranch in anticipation of my party with Amy and had come once already during the party so I was at less than full wood for my last time with Amy. This factor combined with Amy having been stretched out somewhat by the massive dildos servicing her for most of the party caused Amy to have to work harder then I would have expected to get me to come one last time. Amy is so good at her job though that she got to me to full wood and when I did finally come for the fourth time in about a fourteen hour period my whole body convulsed. It was an earth-shattering experience. Amy is one of a kind.
Unfortunately I live on the other side of the country from the Ranch so I won’t be able to visit Amy as much as I would like but I have already decided on one thing I want in my next party with Amy. I want Deanna to party with us and put on strap-on with a large dildo to service Amy’s pussy while I give her a little anal. I hope we can make her giggle again.

As a first time visitor to a brothel
I was very nervous even trembling and to make matters worse they were filming for HBO in the main lobby so, I was escorted to the bar where they did the line up, it was very crowded and overwhelming. Amy looked me in the eye and I instantly felt at ease, she took my hand and we did the tour. Amy was very kind and explained everything in great detail. We agreed on a party and the fun began. She really seemed to enjoy herself which made it fun and satisfying for me. Thank you Air Force Amy


After seeing Air Force Amy on “Insomniac”
I knew I would forever regret it if I did not make a trip to the Ranch and see if she was as fun as she projected on the screen. She is that, and more. It’s amazing to see her on the Bunny Ranch pictures, with that perfect smile (you always see her first in the group pictures), and that look that seems to reach out to grab you. When I showed up for my appointment, she did just that. I was on my cell phone as she came to the bar, and as I put it away (turning it off), she ran her hand up my inner thigh and asked if I was “ready to play.”

It is hard to imagine spending a more energetic hour with a woman, and this one can handle just about as many orgasms as you can encourage out of on her – and it’s not that hard if you know how. Her room is one of the best at the Ranch: a window to open for a breeze when you need it, a large bath with a Jacuzzi and a separate shower. The bed is provocatively decorated, and she has some mirrors strategically placed for your viewing pleasure.

This hour did not come cheap, and contrary to what you might believe from her web site, even an hour with her (with only modest restrictions) is over four figures, and the first figure is not a “1.” Well worth the one-of-a-kind experience with Amy. You just gotta do it! I just hope that my girlfriend and the hookers back in Canada don’t find out how much I paid.

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