Air Force Amy’s 69 Favorite Sex Quotes of All Time + 32 bonus quotes


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Be entertained as Air Force Amy takes you on a whirlwind tour of the most hysterical, historical, and history-in-the-making sex quotes of all time! Not only will you be amused, but you’ll giggle even harder than Air Force Amy does when she orgasms. This book is a great read for traveling and an easy conversation piece in any arena. It’s the perfect gift for those who already have everything! Keep this book handy and transition into conversations about sexuality anywhere, anytime, and with anybody. ONE of the BEST reasons for owning this book is that Air Force Amy personally compiled (cut and paste) all of the quotes herself on a sex-filled Saturday night between clients. But THE BEST reason to own this book is that, in typical courtesan fashion, Air Force Amy is charging twice the actual price of the book! But hold on, Daddio–you know Air Force Amy, and she is not going to charge you more without giving you more than what you paid for 🙂 As a special bonus, Air Force Amy is going to autograph it, add a personal note to you, and then seal it with a kiss from her lips :* Now that’s something you will treasure forever! <3