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New From Air Force Amy 2015!

What’s new for Air Force Amy, thus new for you, for 2015?….

– I am Bunny of The Year 2014.  That makes 10 out of 14!

– I am continuing my legacy of always raising the bar in my industry and what I have to offer.

– This year I am fast and furiously completing my studies in many areas pertaining to Sex and Human Relations.

1. I have completed my studies and am now a certified “Master Love Coach” and “Loveologist”   through Dr Ava Cadell’s online Lovelology University.

Don’t let the name fool you. This course is fully accredited and each of the 36 areas of study come with their own certificate of completion that meet the qualifications for 7 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs, LCSWs and/or Nurses as required by the “California Board of Behavioral Sciences” PCE #3756 and”California Board of Registered Nursing” CEP# 14912.

2. I am continuing my areas of study at “The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality”. (I.A.S.H.S)

I have attained an Associate in Sex Education and Clinical Sexology with (I.A.S.H.S) and I am also on a fast track to attaining my Doctor of Human Sexuality Degree, and then on to my Doctor in Education Degree (Ed.D)

3. I am working on completing my requirements to attain my Master of Human Sexuality Degree at (I.A.S.H.S) through the end of this year. I will be required on campus in San Francisco for some extended and some shorter periods of time throughout the year, so please always email me for my most current schedule and availability.

4. In addition to the aforementioned Degrees and Certifications, I am also embarking on an “Intimate Hypnosis – Sexological Skills Certificate.

I have found all these areas of study have enhanced and will exponentially further enhance my services to you.

You can stay abreast of all my new certifications on my web page added to my site here

What else is new for you from Air Force Amy 2015?

5. This -my personal website, has finally been professionally built to a degree that I am very satisfied with so that you can find out as much as you can about me, your visits with me at the Bunnyranch, what I’m doing, what I’ve done and what I have to offer all in one place – free of charge (even all the brand new and super sexy and x-rated galleries). So, please be sure to re visit here often as I keep that the most updated along with my twitter account @airforceamy.

6. All my photos that I have posted on my bunnybio page … 9/2_1&s=27 are brand spanking new.

They were taken mid November 2014 in Las Vegas  and I will continue to post those new photos from at least six settings in full gallery form on my website too after they have been published by a few of the major men’s magazines.

My brand new 2015 galleries can be found here:

7. I am slotted to shoot with Penthouse Magazine in February of 2015.

8. I will shoot six to eight more full layouts in Las Vegas again in mid March 2015.

9. I will continue my new lifestyle of “Organic Raw Vegan” that I embarked upon in Sep 2014 and enjoy the benefits of same by being in the best physical and mental shape ever in my life.

Does my being raw vegan mean I can’t go out to dinner with you? Not by any means. I have not yet found a restaurant that I cannot fully enjoy something on the menu while I enjoy your company and you enjoy my company too.

10.  I am competing in my first Ms. Fitness competition in June 2015 and I plan to place in the top three of my division.

11. What else can I say? This is just what I thought of today, January 1st, 2015. I’m sure I will be adding all kinds of new and exciting things throughout all of 2015.

12. Please include me in your plans for 2015. It will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself, I promise!

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