It is a common misconception that older men only prefer younger women to hookup with. It may be true in some cases but we can’t say that is true for the majority of men. In fact, this article explains why this common phenomenon may not be entirely true at all.

 So, read on to find it out.

1.    Young Girls (Gold Diggers) Prey on Older Men

We generally think that it is the older men who normally fall for younger women but you will be amused to know that it is rather the other way around.

Studies show that younger girls look for men who are more mature, intellectual and rich. And they easily find these qualities in an older man. Hence, they prefer an older guy over a young lad still feeling his oats and finding his way.  Yes, they will prefer the young man for their inherent youthful qualities in the bedroom, but they mistakenly believe they can do without a fulfilling sex life for the sake of what the older man’s money can buy.

Furthermore, Professor Madeleine, the author of “The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationship” says that most of the women fall for older men and that too mainly for financial security. So, it proves that young girls are far more into older men than vice versa.

2.    Mature and Older Men Prefer Mature Women

Older men who are mature look for women who are also mature, and they normally find this quality in women their age.

According to researcher, Jan Antfolk of Abo Akademi University in Turku, although there may be men who are attracted to young girls, there are majority of men who are attracted to women belonging to their age group.
The researcher stressed the point that men never base their romantic choices solely on the age factor. In fact, older men prefer women who are more sober, sophisticated and wise. And they normally find these traits in older women.

3.     Older Men Mostly Prefer Older Women

Older women are independent, sensible and mature. These are the qualities that not only older men find attractive but young men find them hard to resist too.

Science says that young women constantly crave for attention and this can easily turn off both young and old men. Since older women are more secured and sorted, more men tend to fall for them.

S0, these are the three main reasons that prove that older men can be (and are) interested in women that are closer or belong to their age group.

So why the huge misconception? What gives?

Well, alll men, regardless of their own age,  prefer the  visual of a 20 yr old gal.  That’s it, across the board.

You are being sold products by getting your attention with something that is appealing to you, pretty girls that look like oversexed nymphomaniacs.  And implanting the idea that you will attract those kinds of women by using whatever product they are selling.

So, what’s my point? Am I just a jaded old woman trying to scare you into seeing me?

The answer is no, I am not just a jaded old woman.  I truly want to save you the aggravation and embarrassment of falling for a young little gold digger that will ultimately break your heart, your ego and your wallet.  I know because many years ago, I used to be that shallow little gold digger.

I want you to know that you are not unusual for secretly preferring an older woman despite what the marketing and advertising machines tell you.

And, yes, I do want you to come see me because I am secure, established, genuine and truly oversexed.

Do you have any thoughts on this?  I love a good conversation.  What is your perspective?  What do you think?


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