Dear Friends and Lovers,

I hope this finds you and yours quite healthy and well!I think it prudent I share with you my precautions I am taking for myself, and ultimately you, in light of COVID-19.  Also, the precautions I advise you to take from now on and especially if you plan to see me.

–  Firstly, I and the Bunnyranch are located in Moundhouse, NV which is in Lyon County, the third largest county in NV and we have only a few active cases (around 30 as of June 8) in a population of 54K, the 3rd largest county in Nevada where we are staying home and practicing social distancing.  We are located an eight hour drive from Las Vegas and Clark County where there are the largest numbers of reported cases.  The Bunnyranch will reopen soon. The Governor has not stated whether we will re open in Phase 3 or Phase 4.  We are currently in Phase 2 of re opening. The whole state unfortunately gets thrown in with Las Vegas even though we are a mostly rural state.

–  Well, firstly I must actually say – I am not panicking!  Do not panic, but do educate yourself and carry on.  Education, preparation and preventative action – not panic.  You cannot build a fortress of toilet paper and protect yourself! 😆

– I am riding the wave of the stock market.  It is definitely a buyers market and a great time to buy because it will correct itself.  We will be alright!  I am taking advantage of the buyers market and low interest rate!  This is great time to buy and let’s keep our economy robust by doing our part and buy, buy, buy!

– Secondly, choose one news source and stick to one trusted news source that is not creating panic but educating you with reliable news.  Remember, we have a 24 hour news cycle and many sources provide too many so called experts, giving their “opinions” to create news just to fill airtime.  Be smart and filter the BS, from the real educational and informative news.

-Thirdly, here is some great information on unemployment benefits for the employed as well as the self employed.  New legislation has been enacted to help all our US citizens. Here

– Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand or become too consumed with sensationalized reporting.  Creditors are providing 3 months deferment.  IRS is extending the 2019 tax year deadline to July 15.  If you cannot make a payment, contact your creditor, the deferments will not be automatic.  Call your creditors and work something out.

– Here are some of the steps I am taking to protect myself, my community, and most importantly – you from contracting the Coronavirus and suggest you do too.

– I’ve had a flu shot, I am super, uber healthy.  I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs.  I am extremely healthy!

– I’m exercising at home and outdoors.

– I’m not going anywhere around people that isn’t absolutely essential, which means I just really am not going anywhere for the next month or so.  I haven’t been anywhere and I’m not going anywhere except outdoors in remote nature mode. If I do have to be around people I practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from people.  I wave and smile to people, tap my heart and tell them I love them.  I make eye contact and smile, but I am not allowing strangers to approach me until further notice.  

– Personally, as of now, I can go several weeks without visiting a grocery or convenience store and having my must have items on hand, stocked up or delivered.

–  Appointments to see me keep reading for instructions below.

– I take immunity boosters on top of my stellar immune system already.  Vit C, Echinacea, Zinc, Multi vitamins and Immune Booster by Legion Athletics.

– I disinfect everything!  This includes my car and then I disinfect my hands each time before I enter my car.  I carry Clorox wipes in a ziplock with me and wipe down anything I need to use in public.  I do not set anything of mine down on anything. I no longer carry a purse or anything I have to set down anywhere.  I put groceries in the trunk instead of my seats and then spray disinfect the trunk.

– I wear eyeglasses and sunglasses so I am disinfecting them each time put them on and I keep them in a UV disinfecting storage case.  This goes for my cell phone too.  I do not place my cell phone down on anything outside my home and if you must put any of your personal items down anywhere, disinfecting the area before you place anything down and/or placing sheet of paper between your item and the surface greatly protects your items as well.

– So much and to hell with designer anything any longer. I no longer carry a purse and certainly have not and do not care for designer wear any longer. The pandemic and lock down afforded me the opportunity too re evaluate my lifestyle and I am happy to report that I have returned to my inherent country gal and rural gal ways.  Off road trails and camping are my new normal.

– I don’t touch my face and I am conscious to wash my hands before and after doing anything and everything.  I use a credit instead of a debit card so I don’t have to use key pads.  I carry #2 pencils with erasers to use on touch screens if I must ( I’ve read that q-tips work well too) and then I toss that pencil in the trash along with any gloves or wipes that I may used in the trash can outside the store.

– I pay attention to and adhere to all health advisories.  And in accordance with the latest directive given by Governor Sisolak of NV (that implemented the closure of the casinos, small business and all non essential business) the Bunnyranch where I work exclusively , is closed as of now until further notice.

– I am working from home answering emails and performing all my social media tasks and staying in touch that way only for now.

When we do reopen, I will still be taking the same following additional precautions I employed in the previous weeks to mandatory closing:

– I am working by appointment only and I am not taking more than one appointment per day.

– I am super deep cleaning my suite (that only I use) at the Bunnyranch after every appointment. I shower thoroughly and go home.

– I’m not taking more than 2 new appointments per week and I am staying home in between those appointments.  So, first come, first serve.

– Only appointments reserved and held by deposit and cleared by me will even be considered a confirmed appointment.

– I’m not frequenting the common areas at the Bunnyranch even though they have drastically increased their cleaning and disinfecting protocol by also keeping additional maids on every shift in charge of different areas.  Please note I am being overly cautious in this area because many of my clients are elderly and I am being extremely cautious for their health. The Bunnyranch, because of the intimate nature of our business has always practiced even better than hospital like practices of disinfecting and keeping our ladies and our place clean and healthy.

– We are all seen by a physician weekly for our mandatory testing for STDs. Therefore, we are all very in touch with our health and we have an open door policy to see our physician and be seen for any reason at any time.  I have made covert queries as to what will be deemed necessary and prudent to assure everyone’s health in light of COVID-19 and I can assure the practices recommended and that will be implemented will be more than adequate.

– The Health Department has always been the most strict, critical and helpful governing body of the legal brothels in Nevada.  We have spot checks and adhere to their stringent and particular rules for our operating protocol and also their recommendations in the cleanliness, health and safety of our employees and patrons alike.

– The Bunnyranch is also demanding anyone exhibiting any signs of illness, even if it might just be allergies – to go home and stay home until they are 100% better.  Pre screening and temperature taking will be implemented.

– I am also screening my potential clients.

– I reserve the right to refuse to see anyone which has been my right to do for many, many years.

– I and the Bunnyranch have many, many years of practicing safety, preventative and personal hygiene measures to combat many forms of colds and flu viruses form all over the country for many, many years.

– I am working with clients that want to change already scheduled appointments.  If you hav an appointment with within the next 30 days, please be patient and let’s not reschedule until we know more.  Give it a couple weeks and take it from there, ok?  Thank you for understanding!

– I must and I do demand any and all my potential clients to take all precautionary steps prior to seeing me.
– Also, if you happen to see me somewhere, please do not approach me.  Please respect that my main concern is keeping my fellow humans, friends, family, coworkers and clients safe and healthy.  Due to the nature of my profession I must take serious precautions.  Please respect that.  Eye contact, smiles, thumbs up, heart taps, and  love signs are all good for us instead.  Thank you!
Please visit these links on how to best protect yourself and practice with due diligence

Can’t get your hands on hand sanitizer? Make your own.

Also here is some information for my clients coming to see me via air travel

What to do if you are boarding a plane in the age of coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus and cutbacks in domestic and international airline schedules continue to raise concerns and insecurities for those with travel plans for the next few weeks and months.

If your airline cancels your flight, your employer restricts business travel or an organization cancels its scheduled conference, your decision about whether to go or stay home will be made for you.

But if you’re in the wait-and-see mode or decide to pack your bags and go, here’s what medical experts say about avoiding germs while flying.

Before you fly

During normal times, airports and airplanes are germ-ridden places. So experts say now is the time to pay extra attention to the health and hygiene rules you likely practice anyway, such as washing your hands often and packing items like hand sanitizer, tissues and extra supplies of medications. You may also want to make copies of your health insurance paperwork before flying.

Travelers hitting the road in the next few days, weeks or months should double check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for up-to-date information about travel advisories and risk assessment by country and think through contingency plans before leaving home.

“Have someone available in case you need help with emergency travel plans or need to get home quickly,” said Jonathan Fielding, professor of public health and pediatrics at University of California, Los Angeles and chair of the U.S. Task Force on Community Preventive Services, established by the Department of Health and Human Services.

But keep in mind that as the virus spreads “you never know when a city you’re in or about to travel to is going to be sealed off, flights cancelled, or travelers quarantined,” he said.

At the airport

At airports, germs can linger on the screens at self-service check-in kiosks, on the bins and belts at security checkpoints, on escalator handrails, food court tables, in restrooms and gate seating areas.

Generally, to avoid germs at the security checkpoint, you should never walk barefoot though the metal detector, said Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona. Place your shoes on the belt, not in a bin. Put whatever you can, including your jacket, your phone and the contents of your pockets, into your carry-on instead of into a bin. And take a moment use hand sanitizer in the post-security repacking area before rushing off to the food court or your gate.

Airports across the country say they are increasing the frequency of cleaning routines and the intensity of cleaning products at “high touch” areas in shuttle buses, washrooms, security checkpoints, food courts and other areas, adding hand sanitizer stations and taking other actions to keep passengers and employees healthy.

Denver International Airport is installing sanitary wipes in jet bridges to allow passengers to sanitize their seats on planes. And in a list of new protocols at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, officials say more than 100 new hand sanitizers have been installed throughout the airport, with 100 more to be installed soon. Cleaning frequencies at high touch points have been increased and contractors are being equipped with hospital-grade disinfectant and wipes for faster response and cleaning.

But passengers should still take extra precautions. “Our studies have found that viruses can spread very rapidly via the hands because of the large number of surfaces that you touch,” Gerba said. He advocates washing your hands often, using hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol and using disinfecting wipes on hard surfaces in airports.

And before your flight, “wait in the least crowded areas of the airport and try to stay at least six feet away from anyone else,” said UCLA’s Fielding, “And try to board the plane last, after the line has thinned, so you’re not stuck waiting in a tight space with lots of other people as they board.”

Avoiding germs on the plane

While many airlines are canceling flights and temporarily reducing schedules on some routes in response to COVID-19, they are also sharing details about increased cleaning routines and adjusted in-flight service routines on aircraft still flying.

On Wednesday, for example, American Airlines said it was enhancing cleaning procedures on international flights and aircraft that remain overnight at airports. “This move, which will touch the majority of our aircraft each day, includes a more thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces, including tray tables and armrests,” the airline said in a statement.

On its blog, Alaska Airlines shared a video explaining how its airplanes get cleaned and noted that its crews are paying extra attention to sanitizing arm rests, seat belts, tray tables, overhead controls for air vents, light buttons and call buttons, and the interior and exterior handles to lavatories.

Despite the airlines’ efforts, “I advise people to bring their own germicidal wipes to rub down the high touch surfaces, the armrest, meal tray and the button that makes your seat go back,” said Paul Pottinger, infectious disease specialist at UW Medicine, the health-care system at the University of Washington in Seattle. “It’s also mighty neighborly to offer one of those wipes to the person you’re sitting next to.”

Pottinger doesn’t recommend the use of face masks for healthy travelers because he says there is very little evidence to support their effectiveness at keeping away respiratory viruses.

“If people like to use them though, that’s OK, but I worry that they are so uncomfortable that a traveler may end up fiddling with the mask and actually increase the risk of getting sick by forcing them to touch their face, nose and mouth,” he said.

And when it comes to the overhead air vent, the consensus is that having it blow air toward you is better than using it to blow air away.

“The air in the plane blower has been filtrated, which can remove more than 99% of dust and microbes in the air,” said Fielding of UCLA. “By having the vent blow on you, you create an invisible air barrier around you that creates turbulence – simultaneously blocking any droplets that may have viruses within them and forcing them down to the ground.”


I have faith in America and faith in you. We will quickly pass through this hiccup in our so very blessed lives. Let’s again show the world how Americans and the USA handles adversity with grace, courage, diligence, compassion and our good old “Can do” American Spirit!

As always, feel free to email me questions, concerns and requests for appointments.

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