Couples Testimonials

“You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. “Still waters run deep”. These cliches may seem trite, but are none-the-less fitting when referring to the fabulous Air Force Amy at Dennis Hof’s “world famous” Moonlite Bunny Ranch. This woman took me by complete surprise, and I do mean “took me”. Amy and another girl, I believe Missy, lead me on a “magical mystery tour” that proved to be exciting, exilerating and enlightening.

As indicated in her pictures at both NV Brothels and Bordello Confidential, Amy is a visually stunning woman. Amy’s about medium height, perhaps 5’5″ with a dynamite figure. Amy has enhanced breasts, which are not “too large”, but in my opinion, just right. Amy also has perhaps the nicest ass of any working girl currently in the business. She insisted I check it out. I ran my hands all over Amy’s smooth, perfectly shapped ass. Amy has the softest, smoothest skin on her ass of any woman I can remember being with.

Without even a shadow of a doubt, with no reservations, no disclaimers, I’d describe Amy as being a very beautiful woman. To describe Air Force Amy as a blonde bombshell, would be an understatement. She is “The Bomb”. She definitely sets a standard for looking all-out sexy. I had heard Air Force Amy was good. I knew she was pretty. I just didn’t realize how good she was or how radiant she appears up close. Fortunately, I was about to get an opportunity to find out first hand.

It took less than I expected to get the party rolling. Before I knew what was even really going on, a deal of sorts was consumated (it’s still a bit of a blur…). Amy retained Missy in the room with us. I didn’t mind, in fact one of my on-going fantasies is to have another beautiful woman in the room watching, while the two of us get it on. I’ve had threesomes with two girls before; I sensed this would be a bit different. Missy was to be more of a “voyer”, although her participation was at times quite apparent.

Amy wasted little time “enlisting” my services. In fact she pressed me into service, that is, servicing her immediately. Amy was wearing a purple, lavender, metalic-like jumpsuit. She removed her bottoms, just her panties. She had me kneel on the floor. Amy spread her legs, exposing her gorgeous snatch, her beautiful gash. I positioned myself between her creamy thighs, which by the way are perfectly proportioned and got a closer look, enjoying the view.

More about Amy…she’s got great legs and delicious looking feet and toes. As a self admitted leg man, Airforce Amy’s gams get my highest ranking, a complete seal of approval. Amy has the type of legs, a leg man, like myself would like to lick and kiss indefinitely from her toes to her thighs and everywhere in between. As a “legman”, I often notice women’s calves…they’re normally eye catching, especially when supported by high heels and covered in sheer stockings. Well, Amy has great calves, but her real “leg strength” is in her thighs. Amy has perhaps the best thighs in the business. They’re gorgeous.

Well, not all women are created equal anatomically. Amy is a woman with a little something extra downstairs. Amy has a great looking pussy with lips that just seem to call out to you. Airforce Amy has a well defined pussy with very prominent lips and perhaps the largerst clitoris in the business.It measures at least two inches, likely 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches, when stimulated, in a state of increased arousal.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, Amy, without hesitation, pressed me into service. It’s a good thing I’m off my diet and back to dining at the Y, as Amy pressed my head between her legs, between her lightly tanned thighs. My mouth and tongue were instantly drawn to her alluring, irresistable pussy. I kissed and licked her generously sized clitoris, sometimes completely sucking on it. Amy has an extremely tasty pussy.

During the initial stages of my encounter with Amy, Missy fondled my cock, balls and ass. I found it a bit distracting, yet exciting. I focused my attention mainly on Amy, as her pussy had my undivided attention, yet I found Missy’s presence an extreme turn-on. I especially liked the way Missy expressed herself. She talked “dirty” in a very erotic way and was an excellent compliment to our party. It’s an ongoing fantasy of mine to have another girl in the room watching, while I get it on with the other girl. Missy seemed enthusiastic and genuinely excited, and very verbal, which made her presence all the more welcome.

As I continued tonguing Amy’s hot snatch I noticed an iteresting phenomena developing. Amy was becoming wet, almost dripping wet. I worked my way from the top to bottom of her vaginial slit, occasionally, even frequently pentrating her crack with my tongue, enabling me to taste her plentiful, free flowing juices. During my DATY experience, Amy chatted a bit; sexy talk. Her cute, adorable voice made the experience even more enjoyable, and her more desireable.

At one point I think Amy might have even cum…it wouldn’t surprise me…stranger things have happened…and, Air Force Amy is one girl that appears to enjoy having her pussy kissed and licked, and her clitoris sucked, tongued and rubbed. I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed running my tongue up and down her soaking wet crack, lapping at her juicy overflow. She tasted great and was quite, fulfilling.

At one point in the party, Amy paused and asked me to rim her sweetheart. She put her wonderful butt right in my face and pressed her checks and the crack of her ass, right in my face. It was quite a view. I kissed her cheeks. She again backed her ass right back into my face. She said to tounge her sweetheart. Missy chimed in, encouraging some rimming action.

At this point my nose was almost in her sweetheart, and the temptation was mounting. Her tight little hole was hot, smelled great, and was inviting…It’s a good thing I pulled away when I did or else I would have found myself probing her sweetheart with my tongue. Typically I’m not into that activity but Amy’s no ordinary girl and she’s got a very sweet smelling ass. I was seriously tempted. It probably would have been quite tasty.

Amy also offered anal sex during our party. She sugested, even instisted that I fuck her in the ass. I politely declined, because I had just had a previous party at the Bunny Ranch, about 40 minutes or so ago. I knew that to penetrate her hot tight sweetheart, I’d need full erection capacity. After my Bunny Ranch party, I was back to about 80-85% capacity, which might have been enough, but I would have wanted to give her my best; at least 90%+. If I ever do fuck Amy in the ass, I’d like to make sure I have more than enough lead in my pencil, as she deserves some real hardwood in her tight cornhole.

I hadn’t even planned on a party with Amy; it just sort of happened. If I’d known I was going to have the opportunity, I would have “saved it up” for her. I had no idea, Amy was going to be so sweet, so willing, so generous, and so accomodating. I’m usually not into anal, but I wouldn’t mind one bit, burying my cock up to my balls in Amy’s ass, pounding away, harder and harder, eventually blowing a load in her tight little hole. She gave me something more to fantasize about. Air Force Amy is a sexual dynamo; a sexual force. She really surprised me.



Awesome doesn’t describe her from: T & L
My wife and I were lucky enough to get to party with Air Force Amy. We had the most incredible and exciting time we could ever imagine. She was as attentive and creative with my wife as she was with me. She had my wife screaming with satisfaction over and over. She had moves and expertise that we will never forget. We now just talk about what all happened to remind us of the fantastic time we had when we were there, and we get so excited all over again. She is extremely hot and gave us such unbelievable memories that will last us a LIFETIME!! Thank you Amy.


Hi Amy,
My husband Patrick and I want to thank you again for such a great time at the BunnyRanch this Monday. We were so nervous when we got there, especially since we got lost and ran late (sorry again about that!) and you made us feel so comfortable and for being so candid with us. The BunnyRanch hostesses were terrific and so sweet. The BunnyRanch is such a relaxed atmosphere and EVERYTHING is so elegant. HBO can’t even capture how great it is! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my husband as people and not just as clients. I have had such a difficult time feeling sexy again after having a kid and being a mom, and….I mean this seriously….you helped me feel so much more confident and secure again.

Oh…and sorry for playing with your magic wand too long…it was just so much fun! (ha ha) So I have my own now…whoo hoo!

Patrick and I want to definitely see you at the Ranch, again. Now that we know what everything is like, where it is, etc., we have a better idea of what we would like when we visit you again. We also are saving up for a major party. :0) Thanks for working with our budget and for being so understanding. Forget Bunny of the Year and Bunny of the Month…you should be Bunny of the Decade! 

We will definitely let you know when we’re in the area again!
Stacy (and Pat)


I have been married to my incredible, beautiful, sexy wife
Cindy, for almost ten years. We have always had a very happy, healthy and satisfying sex life. But we have often toyed with the idea of having a threesome with another lady. It was a fantasy we talked about often but we’ve heard the horror stories about threesomes gone wrong and didn’t want that to happen to us. One night I brought up the idea of visiting a brothel in order to live out our fantasy. I loved the idea; it made sense to do it the safe and sane way. My wife was not so sure, but after some time and discussion and research we googled Nevada legal brothels and found the Bunnyranch to have the ambiance and class that we were looking for.

We toyed with the idea, spending hours browsing the different ladies listed on the Bunnyranch website, wondering how we would interact with this one and that one and how did we think this one was like in person, if she looked inviting, if she would be patient with us, if she would like us, if she would treat us nicely, if she liked her job, would she be happy and upbeat or just going through the motions and such. Then one day, much to our surprise, the famous Air Force Amy was listed to appear! We knew of her reputation and even visited her website as we gogled as much info on Nevada brothels as we could. We liked her FAQ for newbie’s and couples, her reviews and her Pamela Anderson (but better) looks. I liked her smile and my wife, liked her maturity and experience (and her looks too). We both knew right then who we wanted to be our playmate and wanted to be sure and see her before she might make another move.This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience we couldn’t pass up. Even so, Cindy was still a bit apprehensive wondering if she’d be too famous for common folk like us.

I contacted Amy and after the shock of actually being able to speak to her she was so down to earth and friendly I couldn’t believe it. She requested to speak to Cindy to make sure she really wanted to come and reassured her that if she got too nervous or scared and decided not to go through with it once she got here it would be OK, and there would be no hard feelings and that she’d still be available if we decided to come back at a later date. She gave us great advice on where to stay in Vegas based on our interests and budget and Peppermill was the perfect choice for us. Amy sent us coupon codes for the hotel and rental car, hooked us up with bonus reward air travel and even arranged to have the Bunnyranch limo service chauffeur us around town with VIP club service on Saturday night too.

Cindy must have called Amy a million times asking what to wear, where to eat, what shows to see, did she need to bring anything with her for her appointment, was it safe, did she have to perform as well, would the other girls be nice to her, directions on how to get there, how long would it take, how long would we be, should we stay on property, could Amy stay with us there. What happens if mother nature decides to call, what if she changes her mind during the session and just about anything else my loved one and I could think of I chose Friday, our second night in town, to schedule Amy in case my wife chickened out, she’d still have two more days to change her mind and we could go back on Saturday or Sunday.

Air Force Amy is class all the way, she knows how to live life to the fullest and we told her what we were looking for as a base line experience. She said she would be honored to be part of making our fantasy a reality. As soon as we arrived at The Bunnyranch, there was no doubt that we had made the right decision. We had a seat in the bar and Amy joined us. As soon as she entered the room, both our mouths dropped opened. She was even more beautiful and sexy then in her pictures. She joined us for a drink and some chit chat. She is incredibly smart, funny, and really makes you feel at ease. She was everything we were hoping for – and the fun hadn’t even started yet! I’m not sure who was more excited, wife, my Amy, or I. The chemistry between all us was great – it was like we had known her forever but still had the tingly sensations of a first encounter (if that makes sense to anyone reading this).

My wife was still extremely nervous but Amy was very attentive and made sure she know what would be “off limits” for my wife and added that should my wife change her mind and allow more than agreed, that would be alright too. I too had to respect my wife’s wishes and knew it would just kill me to only be able to watch and not actually participate with Amy too. What else could I do?

Even then both Amy and I knew my wife was still extremely nervous. Amy picked up on my wife’s self consciousness about her body and had a long conversation about woman’s self images and society’s pressure to look a certain way. Amy assured my wife she wasn’t judging her and even voiced her own insecurities about her own body.

She then sugested a bubble bath Jacuzzi to start off with so they could be covered in bubbles as a starting point. Amy drew a bath and allowed my wife to undress and enter the bath in private. Amy joined in and sat behind my wife and had her lie against Amy’s breasts. (I was sure wishing that were I at that point) Amy caressed my wife with bubbles and began whispering in her ear and kissing on her neck and I could see my wife begin to melt in Amy’s charms. My wife’s bra size is 40EE and Amy was enamored with them and had my wife present them to her which is something I have her do for me too. I could see my wife’s eyes roll back and her mouth open as she was really beginning to dig being loved by another woman. Amy sugested they strategically face the Jacuzzi jets and with the help of Amy’s hands and kissing and jets from the Jacuzzi, my wife had her first orgasm with a woman. What a sight to see. I now had a raging boner in my pants and wanted to explode and didn’t know how I was ever going to be able to contain myself any longer. Amy and my wife gigled, gave each other a high five and Amy said, “enjoy your high honey” and let my wife relax while Amy gave her a foot massage while they talked about everything from sex, to our children to Amy’s career, great things to do in Northern Nevada, sex and society, among tons of sexual advice and tid bits of and tips of the trade. Amy is so knowledgeable about sex, she should write a book. Suddenly there was a pause in the conversation and Amy straddled my wife as they rubbed their nipples together and my wife even started making love to Amy. I have never seen anything more erotic than my beautiful wife all lathered up, caressing another equally beautiful woman all over. They explored each other’s bodies with their hands and lips.

Amy took control again and had my wife sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub and made her way down between her legs. My wife began to squirm in an orgasmic fit and Amy instructed me to hold and brace my wife from behind as she had her second explosive orgasm of many. My wife was ecstatic and she smiled so deeply towards me and we read each other’s eyes saying. “This was a very good idea”. I was so happy for her. I love to see my wife happy and was extremely relieved that she was totally diging the experience and could have been satisfied with that alone.

Amy then sugested we relax to the sounds of the night in the courtyard, poolside under the star lit night. We held hands and relaxed in lounge chairs recounting the evening’s activities and talking about sex and fantasies and anything else you could think of. Amy and Cindy were as close as life long buddies now. After some relaxation and quiet time, Amy sugested we all go in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Finally, I get to take my clothes off!! The two of them got this look of mischievousness in their eyes and the next thing I know I have two sets of hands all my me and my privates! The sensation was out of this world while their hands were on my privates, my wife kissing me deep in my mouth, while Amy playfully and teasingly bounced my waifs’ breasts in the water and the sensation of the jetted bubbles were mind blowing. The sight of the two ladies bouncing in slow motion to the buoyancy of the bubbles and the sensations and the warm Summer night under the stars was so surreal, this was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Just as I thought I would spontaneously combust, we moved the party into the bedroom and that’s when the fun really began. Not sure the sequence of events because it was all so incredible. Amy is full of creative ideas and very energetic. We all took turns with each other – Me and Amy pleasuring my wife, me and my wife pleasuring Amy, my wife and Amy pleasuring me, me watching Amy as she pleasured my wife. Oh my!! At some point, we played a “guess who” blindfold game. Amy even taught us some new techniques and positions (and we thought we pretty much knew everything before – how wrong we were).

Just when we thought we had seen and done everything there was a knock at the door and Amy’s BFF, Kylie, was standing there with four hand made ice cream sundaes that she made especially for us. Kylie is strikingly beautiful with the most mesmerizing blue eyes you’d ever see. She was of course invited in and we all shared laughs and conversation over sweet dessert. We, unfortunately didn’t have the energy to add Kylie to our agenda that night, but have promised to have a full blown orgy with Amy, Kylie, my wife and myself again very soon.

Kylie excused herself, and more fun we had!!! Woo Hoo!! All three of us had multiple orgasms that night. Amy was an absolute fantasy come true for both of us. It was everything we had envisioned and more!

Amy, from both my wife, and me THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You helped us turn a fantasy into the most incredible, erotic experience of our lives. It was a pleasure getting to know you and we consider you to be a friend now. We are definitely planning to come see you again. And I have to say, since we were there – sex between us is even better than before. You were the best decision we ever made. So again, thank you for everything.

And for anyone else reading this that is thinking of going to the Bunnyranch, Air Force Amy is a definite must. She is the ultimate in beauty, grace, and class. She is patient, thoughtful, funny, creative, naughty, sexy, full of energy – she’s the whole package and then some. She doesn’t make you feel like just a customer. She really makes you feel like a desired sex partner. You will not be disappointed!!!