Air Force Amy, Bunnyranch 4th of July 2015

Bunnyranch 4th of July Big Bang Party!

The Bunnyranch 4th of July Big Bang Party is one of my (Air Force Amy) favorite parties thrown at the Bunnyranch.  It is right around the corner and lasts all weekend long!

We have pool parties, BBQ’s, hot scantily clad babes, nude babes, special guests and chefs, girls in bikinis, games, refreshments, prizes and more fun than the Boston Tea Party, or least that’s what the place looks like after we are done partying. lol

And- it is not one of our “invite only” events.  Anyone and everyone can join in.  (shhhh, don’t let on that I told you that) tee hee.

Lake Tahoe, just a short 20 minute drive from the Bunnyranch, hosts one of the top 5 fireworks displays in the country.

I also happen to have some very super secret specials, add-ons and freebies that I run throughout the weekend to display my patriotism.

So be sure to contact me directly to find out what they are. [email protected]




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