Take The Sex Talk Challenge With Air Force Amy

There’s a scene in the adult film harlot (Sin City, 2005) where Kimberly Kane, playing a secretary, is summoned to the office of her boss, played by Chris Cannon. She arrives holding a pad and pen, ready to take his dictation, perhaps for a letter. Instead, the boss whirls around in his padded office chair to face her with his legs open. He’s got a noticeable bulge in his pants, and he makes it clear that he intends to give dicktation instead (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). So she unzips his pants, massages his shaft gently to full hardness, removes her panties from under her skirt, settles herself on his cock, and they start to fuck.

Then something remarkable happens—remarkable for a porn video, and remarkable in real life: Instead of giving themselves over to wild humping, grunting, groaning, and other such physical theatrical behavior typical for porn, they start having—a conversation. A casual, easy conversation while Chris is balls-deep in Kim’s flowery, expressive, lusciously, incredibly fuckable coochie.

In what must rank as one of the classic porn scenes of recent times, these actors continue to chat companionably while they steadily grind away. They speak in full sentences uninterrupted by the loud moans of pleasure they surely want to utter. Kim, in character, brags to “boss” Chris all about her husband, “Henry,” who is so hot for her that “He wants to fuck me every night,” she says. “Every night?” Chris asks, incredulous. “Every night!” she emphasizes passionately, bearing down extra strongly with her toned vaginal muscles on his solid whang.

At this point in the scene, so much sexual tension has been built up that it’s easy to imagine lots of viewers’ cocks springing up around the nation and spontaneously ejaculating even without the help of Five-Fingered Willy. Those that hadn’t stripped off their pants or underwear probably got them soaked with cum for the first time since they had wet dreams in youth. And, it’s also easy to imagine that their lady friends or wives watching next to them were moved to lean over and fasten their lips around those straining cocks. And maybe, being expert with language as most women are, some of those ladies sucked their guys off while pausing for teasing talk: “I’m gonna blow you until you’re ready to fuck my tight little pussy, okay? Just yell when you’re ready, honey…”

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s tell the dirty truth: Few of us are thinking straight when we’re fucking. That’s the fun of it; allowing yourself to fly your freak flag, ride the wild stallion, make forest sounds, and visualize yourself as your spirit animal running wild. People are not likely to be quoting Shakespeare or even their favorite comedian or movie line while they’re copulating crazily. They make primal sounds, wail, curse, and spout strings of words that make no sense at all. Probably every girl that’s fucked a guy has heard him gibber nonsense sounds like “Salabagunda! Jizny watz! ARGGUUHH! (That’s, of course, the vocalization of his shattering climax.)

Everyone goes a little funny in the head when they’re sexing it up. The woman riding a thick cock experiences and secretly enjoys mental flashes of experiences with other men while she’s being joyously penetrated by her current lover. Meanwhile, he’s picturing her as one of the hottest courtesans from Game of Thrones. Fucking is (usually) not about conversation or creating a narrative.

But we can change that, if you’d like to try. Sex can be an exciting, dramatic game; imagine having the supreme discipline, when inside a woman, of keeping your wits clear enough to articulate strings of words without descending into the ecstatic babbling that’s so natural to men when their cocks encounter the Power of the Pussy.

President Trump has been quoted as saying “You’ve got to grab them by the pussy.” Well, reverse that: What will you do when my pussy grabs you, to borrow Jim Morrison’s line, “like a warm fist”? Will you say “Oh my dear, thank you so much for this wonderful experience” as you thrust deeply into me? Most likely, you will gibber and jabber throughout our intimate encounter and will leave shattered and relieved and happy. Which is fine.

But think of what can happen if you take the Sex-Talk Challenge. If we’re having a party for two, using our words can slow the sex down to an exquisite crawl, a slow, comfortable screw (like the drink). You can reminisce about the first time you felt your penis slipping into a girl’s mouth while I blow some tunes on your gloved-up sexaphone. Or you can confess all the dirty details of that drunken doggie-style fuck you enjoyed with a coworker on a business trip while I play her role. Or you can reveal your long-standing desire to hump your sexy sister-in-law. You see, sex talk can be psychologically cleansing.

Now, if we’re a party of three (you, me, and your wife or girlfriend) the talk can get really revelatory and wildly stimulating. She can watch as I jack up your dick while you tell her, “I’ve always-uh!-had the fantasy of having you look on while another woman grabs my cock.” You might be surprised, and very excited, to hear her answer back, “Well, I’ve never been finger-fucked by another woman, and I think it would get us both off if you watched another woman spread my legs and open up my cunny with two fingers.” Of course, I’d be happy to snap on a latex glove, apply some lubricant, and oblige her secret desire. By the time I finish finger-banging her to a couple or more climaxes, you’ll have an erection so hard you could almost drill through wood with your woody. But instead, you’ll have two horny ladies waiting for you to fuck them good and hard. You might find yourself shouting the famous Mel Brooks line from History of the World, Part 1: “It’s good (deep, powerful penile thrust) to be the King!” as you ram us (and yourself) silly.

So bring me your conversation along with your desire. I can teach you how to talk dirty like a rough, manly construction worker or a refined gentleman. Cum together with me, and I’ll show you how affectionate exchanges of naughty compliments can enhance and lengthen sex. You can imagine me as that pretty, shy girl in your college class that you always wanted to approach and announce: “I want to lay you naked on a soft bed, put your legs in the air, and pile drive your pussy until you have a screaming orgasm.” Not the usual thing you say in polite company out in the world. But in our world, you can say anything you want. Words have power: to persuade, to admonish, but also to make sex even better than you ever imagined.

Air Force Amy

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Air Force Amy Book Contest. Enter to win here!


Enter to Win!

Calling all clients!

I’ve never pressured, or most times, ever even asked you to write a review of our time together.

And if I did ask you to write a review it was because I gave you something extra and above and beyond what was expected; and instead of me asking for something monetary, I was being kind and asked for a review instead.

I’ve never hounded anyone to write a review, not even a review that they owed  or promised me, thus I have very little reviews compared to the number of extraordinary experiences I have provided.

Here is my call to action;

If you have ever seen me throughout the years and you can recall (I know you can) and write a review of our time together, I will put your review in a contest to win a copy of my first edition, first ever released, numbered and autographed edition of my brand new book, hot off the presses and not yet released copy of

“Air Force Amy’s 69 Favorite Sex Quotes of All Time.”  Autographed and numbered 1-100 in the first edition.

The winner will get the first ever released autographed and numbered one (001 of 100) copy of my book.

All you have to do is write your review of me and or our time together in 100 words or less and you will be entered in this contest.

Submit your review here.  The contest will run for the 1 week.  I will choose my favorite review on January 12, 2019.

Note:  I will not discriminate between real or fantasy reviews (I won’t know how) or reviews of my “service before the sale”.  So, everyone stands a chance!

I know your happy memories and fantasies alike will trigger a good feeling inside. So why not share them so others are inclined to get an experience with me similar to yours?

I’m also hoping your review will trigger a desire for you to see me again!  Plus, I wanted my already loyal clients to get a chance at owning my first ever book!

No, the book is not for sale at this time. Do not ask for a copy of the book or when it will be released. I have not yet decided.

Just write a review. That is the only way for a chance to own the book at this time.

Good luck lovers & writers!

All my love,

Air Force Amy

Again, enter to win, submit your review here.

National Bubble Bath Day with AFA January 8th!

National Bubble Bath Day!

Yes, that is a thing, National Bubble Bath Day, January 8th!

And it is not as silly as it might seem.  After a little more thought, perhaps we DO need a day of national recognition to remind us of the benefits of bubble baths.

I am very fortunate to have the luxury of bubbles baths incorporated into my “work” routine.  I’ve always said I get all my love and affection with my clients.  I can amend that to say I get all my bubble baths with my clients too!

I can’t remember the last time (well, I do, but it was very long time ago) that I took a bubble bath by myself at home. I’m willing to bet that you cannot remember the last time you took a bubble bath either.

Bubble baths are such an unsung hero and we do love them so much because they are so relaxing yet we rarely take the time to enjoy their loveliness.

Something magical happens when you slip into a tub filling with water as hot as you can handle (add jets, much better). As soon as you add the bubble bath and the fragrance fills the air, the jets are swirling so the warm waters embrace your body and the bubbles begin to rise, you know you have now entered the “me time” zone.

The bubble bath gives you permission to escape and allows your mind to relax while the heat works it’s way into your bones. The stress of the day dissolves.

Although I add all the bells and whistles to a bubble bath supreme with me, you don’t have to add the candles, the foot massage, the scalp massage, the bodies slipping into each each, the footsie play and snuggling under bubbles with me to enjoy a simple bubble bath at home.

Draw a bath at home, add bubbles, let the bubbles begin to overflow the tub and watch how you are immediately thrown back to a childhood memory of how fun and risky it was to overflow the bath with bubbles.

Hooray for National Bubble Bath Day!  Even if only to remind us all how truly wonderful a bubble bath may be.

I was thrilled to enjoy this very bath and photo shoot at a Las Vegas Estate.

Happy to help.

Those with the means are encouraged to contact me for more information on your own bubble bath adventure with me!

Air Force Amy on Virgin Galactic “50 Mile High Club” Rocket Ship Flights.

Virgin Galactic Should Add a “50-Mile High Club” to Rocket Ship Flights


Air Force Amy – a U.S. Air Force veteran, star of HBO’s “Cathouse” TV series, and legal sex provider at the world-famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada – announced today that she’s ready, willing and able to share her “out of this world” talents on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic rocket ship flights once commercial space tourism finally gets off the ground.

I’m already a longtime Charter Member of the Mile-High Club,” Amy noted, referencing the unofficial guild of individuals who have engaged in sexual activity on an airplane.  “Who better to take that experience to a whole new level 50 miles off the ground?”

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity reached space altitude for the first time during a test flight over California earlier this month; a big step toward fulfilling Branson’s dream of ferrying civilian tourists into outer space and back.

“Space is Virgin territory!” Branson exclaimed after the successful test flight.

“That’s music to my ears,” Amy replied.  “Nobody has more experience conquering virgin territory than me!”

More than 600 people have already signed up for rides in the six-passenger rocket ship for fees of up to $250,000.

“It’s hard to imagine anything more exciting than space travel for the average person,” Amy said.  “But that’s only because they haven’t thought about taking me with them.  I guarantee they won’t be thinking about Mission Control.  Instead, they’ll be focusing on Missionary Position Control!”

Amy acknowledged there might be some legal issues involved with adding her services as an upsell on space voyages, as sex-for-fee services are only legal in certain parts of Nevada and “out-dates” to other states are prohibited.

“I understand that interstate commerce laws against sex-for-fee services could be a challenge,” Amy said.  “But what we’re talking about here is inter-planetary commerce.  I’m not sure what governing body would have jurisdiction.  Maybe the United Federation of Planets?  Anybody got Bill Shatner’s number?”

Amy noted that commercial airlines offer various upgrade options, especially the option to fly first-class, and believes offering a sex-included option with a professional courtesan would be a valuable add-on for some of the affluent customers who Virgin Galactic is seeking to attract.

“Sir Richard is well-known as a risk-taking entrepreneur and world-class marketer who strives to provide luxury services that are out of this world,” Amy continued.  “So adding a clothes-less experience to the weightless experience seems like a natural fit. And it’s a simple ‘want fries with that’ question for ticketing agents.”

Amy added that she might even be able to provide passengers the “ultimate” sex-in-space fantasy adventure.

“Some of my co-workers might be up for this, as well,” Amy concluded.  “So I’m already thinking of offering an ‘Orgy in Orbit’ special.  It sure as heck won’t be cheap, but it will absolutely be priceless!”

For more information or to contact Amy, please visit www.AirForceAmy.com

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