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My All Inclusive #DestinationAirForceAmy Experience

The experience I craft for you is unsurpassed and in a class of it’s own
For The Man Who Has Everything​

What’s included when you book your all inclusive experience with ME?

Ground Transportation, VIP Bungalow, Meals, Drinks, Souveniers, Live Entertainment, All Common Area on Property Amenities, Brothel Tour, Red Light District Tour, Off the Clock Time With Me, Friendly and Genuine Correspondence with me as long as you like (phone, text, email) Private Social Media Access, Lifetime Invitations to all Bunny Ranch sponsored events …

Anything and everything on my menu and in your mind that fits within the time we schedule together.

You do not have to take advantage of every option and amenity that I offer at the time of booking, although they do remain available to you for as long as you like upon completion of your booking with me.

What I really highly, highly encourage you to do to do is choose a date, place a deposit and get to the greater Reno area. I will do everything else! What you want matters! Don’t know how to put it in words? I understand and I will help you feel OK to ask for anything what you want.

Here is a guide of all the activities I offer when you come see me at the Bunnyranch. You do not have to pay for each activity ala carte. Most of these activities can be combined into one package.

  • Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Lamentations, Divorce Parties. More Info.
  • First Timers, Old Timers, A Bit Rusty, Virgins. More Info.
  • Sex Education & Improvements. More Info.
  • Experimentation, Role Play, Cross Dress, Toy Play, Fetish, Light to Heavy S & M.
  • Give/Get Greek and Around the World, Pearl Necklace, Breast Sex, 69, DP, Squirting on Command.
  • Mature Virgins! More Info.
  • Couples, Women. More Info.
  • Intimate or Sexological Hypnosis More Info.
  • My Orgies & 2 Girl parties are not included, but available.
  • Unlimited Positions & Ejaculations, Happy endings.
  • Real Orgasms, Kissing, Porn Star Experience.
  • No time constraints in most cases.
  • Girlfriend Experience, Pamper Parties, King for a Day, the Week, the Hour.
  • Bubble Baths, Indoor/Outdoor Jacuzzis, Pool & Shower Parties.
  • Erotic and Full Body Massage – Thai, Korean, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tantric, Kama Sutra, Reflexology, Sensual and Tandem Massage.
  • Intimate Dining, Travel Guide and Travel Partner.
  • Erotic Movies, Stories, tons of stories!
  • Games. Dirty Talk, Pillow Talk, No Rush.
  • Strip Tease and Burlesque.
  • I have a plethora of Lingerie & Costumes.
  • Extended Stays, Overnights, Multiple Days.
  • Polaroid Pictures, Videos w/ restrictions, Souvenirs, Autographs.
  • Coupons, Free Hotel Rewards, Military Discounts, Repeat Client Discounts, Referral Discounts, Forum Member Discounts, CWMC discounts, Daily and Seasonal Discounts.
  • Tours, Meet & Greets, Groups, Media.


If you’ve never been to a brothel before, I would love to be your willing escort. This could be the most erotic, exciting and passionate experience that you’ve ever had—that is, if you have the right guide. I can be soft and slow when you need, or that wild and exotic beauty that transports you to the brink of the most thrilling sexual moment you’ve ever had.

And we don’t have to dive right in. We can spend some time talking, laughing, cuddling, massaging, let the experience linger. The best part about a legal brothel is that there is no tenseness, no hesitation. I am there for you, ready to accommodate your passions and desires. We can have fun and enjoy every single moment of it together. I love to spoil and pamper—it’s what I’m best at. Especially with first-timers, getting to introduce them to a once-in-a-lifetime erotic experience, well that’s just the cherry on top.

Back in the Saddle
Maybe it’s been awhile…We’ve all gone through some experience or life moment that interferes with our sex life. Whether divorced, widowed, or just a little rusty, you can depend on me to tempt you, flirt with you, seduce you, and find that sexual lothario buried within. I will make you feel as sensually explosive as you ever were.

For me, sex is intimately linked with passion. If passion still throbs within your veins and the thought of a soft silky touch makes your body tingle—then you’ve haven’t lost a thing. The erotic part of you is still there dying to get out. Who better to unleash all of that pent up sexual energy on, than an experienced and generous teacher, one with delectable curves and legs that go on for miles. I bet you can feel those legs wrapped around you already.

If you maybe you need a little more time to shake the rust off, then simply lay back and let me do all of the work. Pleasuring is what I’m best at after all. Or, if you want to take the lead, experiment, do those wild and naughty things that perhaps you never had the chance to do before—here I am! Don’t be afraid to climb back in that saddle—I promise I’ll be gentle, unless you don’t want me to.

The sensual and passionate adventure does not have to stop after only an hour or two. As you may have heard, I can most definitely make it last all night long. Want longer? Then stay for two or three nights. The pleasure and the experience only grow more and more intense.

We can get comfortable with one another really quickly and then from there it’s simply a matter of going where our minds and bodies take us. You may have a middle of the night urge, I want to be there to satisfy it. You may want a weekend escape that is filled with nothing but my body doing things to you in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

I can be the soft, sweet and demure little hostess granting every wish you have, or I can take the lead and give you hours upon hours of the kind of sex therapy that only I know how to perform. Overnights are my favorite because I get to wake up next to you an do it all over again.

An exciting new level of elite companionship, the Girlfriend Experience allows us to enact a real relationship for the duration of our time together. So many men come to me with situations they are trying to escape from or forget for just a little while. They want someone by their side who listens, pays attention to all of their needs and is a soft place to land for the evening.

Emotionally and physically we can indulge one another, get lost in each other’s company and experience a provocative and sensual connection that maybe you have never had before. Don’t worry, there are no strings and no commitment…just an unforgettable fantasy.

I am that centerfold worthy girlfriend poised only to pamper and spoil, fondle and caress and provide the kind of connection that you may be missing in your life.

Pamper Party
For some, one luscious partner experienced in the most seductive techniques imaginable just isn’t enough. You’re coming to the ranch for an all out, no holds barred, indulge in every fantasy you’ve ever had vacation. And this is exactly how my pamper parties are designed to treat you…

Your erotic fantasies gone wild—that’s the only way I can begin to describe this particular experience. Champagne, massages, oils, whatever you desire. Maybe we take a bubble bath together, and while soaking in hot steamy water, do whatever comes natural. Maybe you want me to cook for you, wait on you and serve you to the best of my abilities. That, I can certainly do.

If pampering means becoming the sole object of sexual desire in a room of two maybe even three women, you will be extremely pleased by what we can offer. This is the epitome of pampering, and this is where fantasy truly does become reality

Travel, Dining, Entertainment, Sightseeing
I have lived in Nevada for nearly 30 years and I have been a local celebrity for more than half that time. I have many connections and friends everywhere. I can get special and VIP treatment whenever I ask. I’ve done a lot of favors over the years and people love to do things for me as well. Mi casa Su Casa. and my friends are your friends. The moment you arrive in Northern Nevada to see me, you will love our easy to navigate airports and scenic hassle free highways a welcome relief to every day commute.

Whether you drive, I pick you up in my fancy sports car or our company limo or sedan picks you up at the airport or your hotel, no matter how you get to the Bunnyranch, the ride to the Bunnyranch is full of historic and vibrant images as far as the eye can see.

Consider “ME” your next vacation, your sex destination your romantic getaway, your “YOU” vacation. Nevada is a rugged and naturally beautiful State, rich in history and tourist industry as well. Check out all the things you can do here from all over the Sate and then imagine how nice it would to have me be your own personal tour guide and travel partner “with” benefits. Now THAT is truly travelling in style and you will be joining the ranks of many wise men that see the value in travelling, exploring, sight seeing, dining and doing all of Nevada with me.

I love history, concerts, shows, festivals, events and dining in all of Nevada. From the Las Vegas Strip to the beautiful Montains & Meadows of Lake Tahoe to the Ghost Towns and Mining Villages and Historical Virginia City I can show you all the hidden secrets and the well known paths as well.

Being a virgin is not a bad thing. Some associate a stigma with virginity, especially if you are above a certain age; that’s not the case at all…In fact, this makes it that much more enjoyable for me. When your first time is with an experienced teacher, prepared to guide you into the world of intimacy, passion, and the best sex you will ever have, well, let’s just say that is definitely one to write home about.

We can take our time and go as fast or slow as you want. Your level of experience doesn’t matter—your willingness does. Let me show you the wonders of sensuality. Let me take you on an erotic journey that will truly blow your mind. I’m certain you’ve thought about that first sexual encounter…a lot, but I guarantee you never thought about it like this.

Sex is a natural part of life—and one of the most delicious parts. With me, it will be an immersive, drive-you-wild, never forgotten experience that allows you to feel things and do things that will surely change your life. Don’t be shy—especially if you’re a virgin. These are the kinds of one-on-one, flesh-to-to-flesh moments I savor the most. The things I will do, the positions we can explore together…you’ll be glad you waited.

I am all for kinky, I am definitely in for wild, and the moves I have, the secrets I can divulge…let’s just say, you haven’t really experienced sex yet. The thing about fantasies is that there’s no telling what they might involve. From role playing, to a little bondage, to well, anything your unleashed mind can think up, I am here to play.

This is about you and me stripping it down and getting real—oh so real! Maybe you have a wife or partner, and maybe you’re a little shy when it comes to explaining what you want, telling them about all of the things you would do if only they’d let you. Practice on me. This is what I am here for after all.

Perhaps you want me to do certain things to you—I will most definitely accommodate. You have no idea how accommodating I can be, especially when it comes to experimenting sexually. Just imagine how satisfied, how completely fulfilled you’ll feel afterward. Let me be your host at this erotic and sensual playground.

I never judge—in fact, the wilder you are, the more fetishes you have, that can sometimes make things very interesting, not to mention extremely hot. Some people that come to me are intoxicated by certain parts of my body—can you blame them? We go from there and all I can say it is always a passionate, wild ride, one that no one wants to get off of.

Kinkiness and fetishes only enhance the sexual experience. Being with me in this place is about indulging in those fantasies that otherwise have remained locked away within your mind. It’s time to give me the key—let’s open that vault together. Let’s see just how wild and steamy we can make it. The pleasure truly is never-ending as long as you trust me on this journey of touching, feeling, embracing, kissing, really whatever you like.

Erectile Dysfunction
I can tell you one thing, this is your safe place. You come to me and your experience will be gentle, therapeutic and passionate as hell. So maybe you have a problem in that department, I’ve never met a man who doesn’t still love to be tantalized and perhaps even teased a bit regardless of his current capabilities. Trust me, we’ll find ways to make that passion erupt.

There’s a lot to be said for touching and holding, for feeling our way around one another’s bodies. And my massages, well let’s just say you won’t find this kind of massage in a spa. Even if you are having some performance issues, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the most pleasurable thing in life: Sex. I can help you to embrace passion and intimacy again. If you’re nervous and simply want to watch or your wish is to pleasure me, by all means, my body is yours for the asking.

With a certification in sex therapy, I am the perfect go-to girl to cure what ails you. I am the fantasy brought to life; come to me and I will search the depths of your sensual side every way I know how to try and make the magic happen again.

Sexuality Education & Restructuring
Sexuality education specializing in , mature virgins, singles, couples & groups. Sexual attitude restructuring; individual & group. Aspergers Syndrome sexuality issues; sexual and cultural diversity issues. Sexual surrogate and licensed sex worker 25 years experience. Hands on therapy available for all comfort levels in a unique, legal and safe manner exclusively via a reputable licensed legal brothel in Nevada that maintains my own license to practice at same. Add my certifications in sex education, clinical sexology; certified sexologist and loveologist along with my continuing studies towards my Doctorate In Human Sexuality and I am very perfectly capable and genuinely suited in addressing a plethora of sexual and interpersonal concerns and interests.

I offer a unique approach to Life Coaching with an emphasis on Sexuality. It is a Multi-dimensional, goal-oriented approach to finding practical solutions to current or long-standing sexuality and intimacy concerns. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Compassionate Conversation can ease concerns about many issues related to intimacy. Be sure to contact me!



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