Air Force Amy IS the Paragon of Integrity! Part 1.

I am the first to admit I work alongside some of the most beautiful and most lovely women in the world. So how do you choose the right gal for you? There are so many ladies to choose from. Photos can be altered and any words can be written by anyone for any reason. Videos can be rehearsed, enhanced and edited. Workplace politics, management/employee disallowed fraternization, favoritism and sales numbers play a large part in the exposure and titles given to any particular lady. Thus making a difficult choice for you even more difficult than ever.

Shocking you say? And even more shocking that I draw your attention to these facts as I, myself, probably have the most photos, the most words written about me, the most exposure, the most titles and I have probably accumulated the most sales in the history of legal prostitution.

Well, firstly, I am not an office brown noser or kiss ass. I am more often at odds with management and ownership than not. I’ve always had to fight for my workplace media exposure. My earnings alone, albeit the most, never guaranteed me top billing. In retrospect, I must admit, this mere fact has made – and continually makes me – truly the best provider in so many ways that I astonish myself as I see where I am going with this train of thought.

I wanted to convey to you that I am in no way whatsoever what I call “internet unreliability”, “cheaters and liars”, “online lies”, “fake hype” and “smoke and mirrors marketing”. Fake reviews, bought followers, purchased likes, shill’s, hi jacked clients and probably a hundred more marketing scams that my integrity can’t even conceive.

How can you be sure that I do not practice any dishonesty in my marketing? All I have here to give you are my word and my promise to you that I am honest to a fault and that anything good that you may see or read about me is probably true and anything bad is probably a lie. My followers, my likes, my reviews, my fans are real and organic. And I have been around long enough that Photoshop was not even available when I started modeling, so hundreds upon hundreds of my photos are not even retouched.

OK now, with that conveyance out of the way, let’s circle back to where I’ve always had to do more than sleep with the boss, kiss ass or make the most money to get top billing, which in turn has made me do better, try harder and do more than anyone else in my business just to get what I used to think was the most important thing on earth, acknowledgement and validation by my employer. By the same token, can you believe I never even thought I was very popular and not well liked online because I didn’t and don’t seem to have a large enough fan base as some of the other ladies? It was not until I actually saw proof of these practices shown to me by an online forensic investigator that I could finally cut myself some slack. And boy is I ever glad that I have always shown my deepest and heart felt appreciation of my “true” clients, followers, fans, supporters, friends and lovers.

My only reprieve to seemingly never being ‘good enough” for my employer or “popular enough” online was and is the warmth and honesty and appreciation of my clients. I immerse myself in the human side of my business. The compassion, care, intimacy, kindness and fun that can be had in my line of work, one on one with my clients, cannot be matched by any other trade in the universe that next to being an angel and or a saint.

I learned long ago that my God’s love, thus my supply of love, is endless and you should not have to pay for that, as it is God given, free and in endless supply. I’m also quite aware that no one should have to pay for my time merely because I am beautiful and most certainly not because I am famous in some circles.   I actually wholeheartedly believe that my outward looks and unintentional fame are two obstacles I may never succeed in my current line of work.

What you do pay for when you enlist my services is, right off the bat, 50% of what you spend goes to the Bunnyranch for providing both you and I the licensed, legal, safe option of no strings attached adult companionship and entertainment. The other 50% goes to what is the meat of this article, my level of service to you.

So, “Where’s the Beef Amy?!!! Stay tuned for part 2 of this article as I hope I have time to write it later today.

Thank you,

All my Love Always,

Air Force Amy , AKA Dr Deanne Salinger