Enter to Win!

Calling all clients!

I’ve never pressured, or most times, ever even asked you to write a review of our time together.

And if I did ask you to write a review it was because I gave you something extra and above and beyond what was expected; and instead of me asking for something monetary, I was being kind and asked for a review instead.

I’ve never hounded anyone to write a review, not even a review that they owed  or promised me, thus I have very little reviews compared to the number of extraordinary experiences I have provided.

Here is my call to action;

If you have ever seen me throughout the years and you can recall (I know you can) and write a review of our time together, I will put your review in a contest to win a copy of my first edition, first ever released, numbered and autographed edition of my brand new book, hot off the presses and not yet released copy of

“Air Force Amy’s 69 Favorite Sex Quotes of All Time.”  Autographed and numbered 1-100 in the first edition.

The winner will get the first ever released autographed and numbered one (001 of 100) copy of my book.

All you have to do is write your review of me and or our time together in 100 words or less and you will be entered in this contest.

Submit your review here.  The contest will run for the 1 week.  I will choose my favorite review on January 12, 2019.

Note:  I will not discriminate between real or fantasy reviews (I won’t know how) or reviews of my “service before the sale”.  So, everyone stands a chance!

I know your happy memories and fantasies alike will trigger a good feeling inside. So why not share them so others are inclined to get an experience with me similar to yours?

I’m also hoping your review will trigger a desire for you to see me again!  Plus, I wanted my already loyal clients to get a chance at owning my first ever book!

No, the book is not for sale at this time. Do not ask for a copy of the book or when it will be released. I have not yet decided.

Just write a review. That is the only way for a chance to own the book at this time.

Good luck lovers & writers!

All my love,

Air Force Amy

Again, enter to win, submit your review here.

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