Laughter and Lust, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate & Vanilla, Salt N Peppa go hand-in-hand more often than you realize.
Think about it: probably your best sensual memories involve a playful partner that you absolutely adore and whom you feel so comfortable with that the jokes, joy and chuckles keep flowing all day/afternoon/night long.
Those are the most awesome times, aren’t they? So you can easily imagine what it might be like under similar circumstances at America’s Sensuous Playground, The Moonlite Bunny Ranch.
Well, imagine no more: Introducing the Legendary Laughter and Lust Party, starring two BR favorite’s, Air Force Amy and Remy Martin.
On one hand, you’ve got the immortal Air Force Amy, the most famous courtesan of the 21st Century, a blonde bombshell whose biggest priority is making your passion a reality.
On the other you have the Epicurean Goddess herself, Remy Martin, the chocolate sensation whose carnal expertise will make your head spin.
Throw them in a room together and this combined 72DD tag-team will have their way with you in so many imaginative ways that your body will turn into one great big orgasm.
The laughter will be provided  by AFA and Remy, who are two of the funniest women around. The lust – well, that will come automatically once you see these two beauties behind closed doors, ready to satisfy your every whim and desire.
You will be the filling between a Remy/AFA sandwich and as they pleasure you in oh so many ways, be thanking the Gods or whatever higher power you  believe in for placing you in this situation.
Remy Martin.
Air Force Amy.
Two legendary tornadoes of titillating temptation.
One you:  The luckiest S-O-B on the planet.
Lottery odds don’t get any better than this.  Threesomes don’t get any better than this. Experiences don’t get…well, you get the picture.
And you can make it happen: e-mail either [email protected] or [email protected] or  call the Moonlite to set up the appointment.
Believe me, this is one legendary booking you won’t want to miss.
Remy Martin
Alluring Epicurean Goddess
Moonlite BunnyRanch- Carson City, Nevada
2021 Tour Dates: TBD


Those eyes, those lips, those hips and 20 tantalizing fingertips!

If this isn’t the sandwich of your dreams, the fantasy forbidden, the best of the best for the discerning and discreet gentleman with a naughty, erotic mind.

C’mon Daddy, you know what you want.  Come and get it baby!

Let’s make up for what you missed in 2020. Now is the time!